Create better psychotherapy notes with less typing using the most
clinically robust mental health EHR

An EHR for Therapists and Other Mental Health Professionals

ICANotes features many capabilities for behavioral health practice management. We designed these EHR software aspects and more for therapists:

More Than 75 Assessment Templates and Rating Scales

You can use more than 75 different electronic rating scales and assessment tools to track your clients' progress in ICANotes.

Therapy Notes Software

Customizable, point-and-click templates make documentation more efficient. Create templates for assessments, treatment plans and progress notes that record the details you need. During an appointment, you can record information with a few clicks.

Practice Management Software for Therapists

Go paperless with electronic practice management through ICANotes. Take care of every aspect of your practice, including medical billing, scheduling and document management. You can also involve clients in their care management with a client portal.

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Create a Psychotherapy Note in 3 Minutes

This video will show you how a clinically meaningful narrative psychotherapy note can be created in just three minutes with ICANotes.

Psychotherapy Note Templates

ICANotes is well liked by clinicians as it improves efficiency without compromising quality. Our menu-driven mental health progress note templates allow you to quickly create a personalized narrative therapy note without typing. Clinical content templates cover:

  • History of present illness
  • Clinical status
  • Symptoms
  • Behavior
  • Verbal content
  • Therapeutic focus and interventions
  • Private notes
  • Rating scale scores
  • Mental status exam
  • Level of care justification
  • Link to treatment plan
  • Suicide/violence risk assessment
  • Diagnosis
  • Notes and risk factors
  • Medical history
  • Instructions and recommendations

Create a Complete Psychotherapy Note in Just 3 Minutes

Key information is automatically pulled forward to the next note.

ICANotes is ready out of the box to make your behavioral health documentation quick, comprehensive, and sophisticated enough to meet the most stringent of standards.

ICANotes requires very little training because it is highly intuitive and has a clinically logical chart-centric workflow. It was developed by clinicians with a deep understanding of behavioral health.

ICANotes improves efficiency by creating narrative notes that are personalized for the patient without time-consuming typing.

ICANotes maintains compliance with MACRA, MIPS, and clinical quality measures reporting requirements.

How ICANotes Can Help Your Therapy Practice

These benefits from ICANotes assist you in improving your quality of care and revenue:

Team Communication

Depending on the plan you choose, you can have multiple team members use ICANotes. Stay coordinated with intra-office messaging and maintain a consistent data record.

Seamless Workflow

The features in ICANotes work together to streamline your workflow from start to finish.

Our all-in-one therapy EHR software gives you more opportunities to provide care by saving you time and effort.

Why Do Therapists Prefer ICANotes?

We developed ICANotes with behavioral health professionals in mind. Our ONC-certified software includes the forms and security measures you need to comply with industry regulations.

We charge by the month and allow you to cancel 15 days in advance at any time. Choose the package you need to maintain your practice effectively.

Ask us how we can connect ICANotes with trusted services for electronic faxing, clinical document exchange, and HIE. We also offer optional features such as appointment reminders for an added fee.

Many types of mental healthcare providers rely on ICANotes for documentation and practice management. Our customers include behavioral health clinics, substance abuse treatment centers, and social service providers.

A Mental Health Software for Practice Management

Discover ICANotes capabilities for yourself by scheduling a live demo or requesting a free trial. You may also ask us questions about our software by contacting our team online.

"I used to spend two or more hours per day on clinical documentation. Since switching to ICANotes, I typically spend less than 30 minutes per day on documentation, which frees me to generate at least two additional billable sessions per day."

~ Carl L. Stephens, LCPC,
Myersville, MD

Intuitive, Accessible, Time-Saving

ICANotes - the only EHR software that actually thinks like a clinician.