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Write better notes with less typing required. Easily create detailed assessments, progress notes, treatment plans, and discharge summaries. View our collection of sample notes created using ICANotes Behavioral Health EHR.

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With the right tips and tools, you can prioritize patient care and spend much less time worrying about documentation and insurance.
In this comprehensive master class, we’ll show you how to use progress notes to maximize insurance reimbursement rates so you can focus on treating your clients.


Explore comprehensive blog posts on a variety of topics written by our experts. From note writing tips to tips for clinicians, we have all the resources you need to grow your practice and expand your industry knowledge.

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What Is Case Management Software and Why Do I Need It?

You’re a case manager in the behavioral health field, and you work…

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Unpacking the No-Surprise Act for Mental Health Clinicians

The No Surprises Act of 2021 is intended to protect consumers from…

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Behavioral Health Case Management Best Practices

Behavioral health case management is a multifactor job. This comprehensive field requires…

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Creating Treatment Plans for PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) happens after someone experiences or witnesses a traumatic event,…

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How to Improve Your Mental Health Practice With a Patient Portal

A patient portal is an excellent resource for patients, allowing them to…

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The Benefits and Challenges of Adopting a New EHR Platform

Electronic health records (EHR) make patient information available in real-time to authorized…

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What They Don’t Teach You in School About Clinical Documentation

Concise clinical documentation can lead to excellent recovery results for patients, but…

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Zero Suicide for Behavioral Health Practices 

If you’re a healthcare professional, you care about your patients. You want…

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The Role of a Social Worker in Behavioral Health

Social workers have been helping to make a difference in communities across…

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Financial Benefits of Transferring to EHR

The use of electronic health records (EHR) is on the rise, due…

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Biggest Myths About Clinical Notes

Clinical notes are a vital part of behavioral health and therapy. They…

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Creating a Professional Will as a Therapist

Mental health clinicians, psychologists and therapists have a number of patients and…

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8 Tips for Improving Your Counseling Schedule

As a mental health professional, you likely have a lot on your…

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How to Read Mental Health Eligibility Verification Data

Working with insurance can often be one of the most frustrating aspects…

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Ketamine in Psychiatry

Depression is one of the most debilitating mental disorders around the world.…

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DBT Basics: Tips and Techniques for Clinicians

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), also called dialectical behavior therapy, gives patients a…

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How to Get on an Insurance Panel: Tips for Mental Health Professionals

Insurance has made behavioral health affordable for many people, but getting your…

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How Much Time Are You Spending Writing Mental Health Notes?

Due to back-to-back appointments where healthcare professionals are trying to play catch-up,…

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How Confident Are You in Your Notes?

Mental health professionals often deal with sensitive topics, and your note writing…

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SOAP Note Mistakes to Avoid

Writing concise mental health notes can be challenging, which is why many…

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