Mobile Medication Management

Prescribe any drug with just a few taps on your phone.


Meet iPrescribe

The Smartest Way to Prescribe

Time Savings and Convenience
Prescribe any drug wherever you are — with just a few taps on your phone

Complete Medication Management
Consult PDMP databases, view medication history, and get drug/allergy alerts

Greater Safety and Accuracy
Minimize typing by selecting commonly prescribed drugs with complete sigs

Real-Time Benefit Information
View out-of-pocket costs for any drugs based on the patient’s insurance

Save time while curbing opioid addiction

Easy, Fast, and Intuitive e-prescribing
iPrescribe makes prescribing easy and fast. You start the app and send a new prescription or a refill with just a few taps on your phone. No need to wait for your computer to boot, no need to log in to anything to access PDMP data.

Prescribe Only As Much as Needed
With iPrescribe, you are in full control of the prescribing process and your patients receive their prescriptions just in time, only if and when they need them. You can check with patients remotely over the weekend and order a refill or move them to another drug depending on how they are feeling at the moment.

Intuitive, Accessible, Time-Saving

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