Group Therapy

Create better group therapy notes
in less time.

With ICANotes, you can set up therapy groups, manage client rosters, and use our templated content library to quickly create session remarks and push them to individual notes for each participant.

Clinical group therapy content templates cover:

  • Physical Behavior
  • Verbal Content
  • Suicide/Homicide Assessment
  • Stage of Change
  • Instructions and Recommendations

Key information is automatically pulled forward to the next note.

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This video will show you how multiple individual notes can be created for a group therapy session with less typing.

Group Therapy EHR Solution

Every therapy practice has a unique way of keeping track of documents, making it important to find software that can meet your specific needs with ease. With ICANotes, you can streamline the documentation process for group therapy to organize your notes while keeping sensitive information private.

Group Therapy EHR Software Features

With ICANotes, you receive a full suite of charting and practice management tools. Group therapists can particularly benefit from these EHR software features:


Write Sophisticated Group Therapy Notes

Our powerful progress note-writing capabilities include workflows for group therapy. Create individualized notes for multiple clients at the same time using point-and-click templates that speed up data entry and are HIPAA-compliant.


Schedule Appointments

Appointment scheduling for groups can become more complicated than booking one-on-one sessions. The ICANotes calendar offers broad overviews and in-depth summaries of provider schedules.


Send Appointment Reminders

Automate appointment reminder messages through email, text messaging, or phone calls to reduce no-show appointments.

How to Improve Your Practice with ICANotes

You can enhance your group therapy services through these benefits of practice management solutions from ICANotes:

Organize Session Notes

ICANotes helps you stay organized through electronic progress notes, assessments and practice management. It automates many tasks related to these areas and makes records simple to find.

Comply with HIPAA

We keep ICANotes HIPAA-compliant through cutting-edge security. Data encryption, access controls, and notes privacy help you comply with regulations and protect client information.

Maintain Consistent Data Across Your Practice

ICANotes coordinates information through client charts and practice management features. Multiple users can view and update data across the system for accurate files.

Enhance Your Group Therapy Sessions With Our EHR Software

Implementing EHR software into your practice can help you confidently run multiple aspects of your operations, from client work to billing. For example, with our software, you can streamline the group therapy documentation process by quickly setting up group therapy appointments and managing client rosters. You can also use our templated content library to create session remarks and move them into individual client notes. Some other beneficial features include:

  • HIPAA compliance and secure data management: Our software features security measures like access controls, note privacy and data encryption to ensure your practice complies with HIPAA regulations.
  • Customizable templates for efficient group therapy notes: With our templates, you can quickly and efficiently keep notes for certain behaviors or sessions, such as physical behavior and participation.
  • Outcome tracking to monitor progress: Our advanced analytics make it easier to understand where your patients should be and what they need to do to achieve progress through cognitive and emotional measurements, quality of life measurements and more.

All key information automatically pulls from one note to the next to streamline documentation for group therapy.

Why Choose ICANotes for Your Group Therapy Practice?

ICANotes offers various benefits for any therapy practice as a ready out-of-the-box and highly intuitive software platform. For example, features like sending and organizing session notes can help you and your practice make strides toward streamlining administrative tasks to focus on patient care.

Since multiple users can view and update data across the system, using ICANotes can also aid in creating consistent and accurate data across your entire practice for greater overall efficiency.

Mental health professionals choose ICANotes to manage group therapy because of advantages such as:


Stage 3 Compliance

Very few mental health EHRs have 2015 ONC Stage 3 certification, but ICANotes does. It helps you comply with regulations, take advantage of interoperability, and avoid reimbursement penalties.


Available Immediately

Once you buy your ICANotes plan, you can get started right away -- avoiding the need to invest in new devices or complicated software installations that take away from the time you could be spending with patients.

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Designed for
Behavioral Health

Our team designed ICANotes around the behavioral health specialty's needs and regulations. It offers specialty-specific features to improve your operations.

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