Complete Practice Management and EHR System for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

The only behavioral health EMR improving
compliance while reducing documentation time.

EHR Built for PNPs

Psychiatric nurse practitioners support behavioral health practices in many capacities. These responsibilities include clinical and administrative work that requires a complete solution for the most efficiency.

We designed ICANotes as an EHR and practice management software for psychiatric nurse practitioners and other providers. It includes adaptable and robust features to help you manage care services.

Features of Our EHR for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

ICANotes has many capabilities for managing patient records and practice administration. Psychiatric nurse practitioners can take advantage of our EHR software's features, such as:

Electronic Prescriptions

Our optional electronic prescription service simplifies medication management for an additional fee. DrFirst EPCS Gold handles electronic medication through a secure online platform. It integrates with your ICANotes system and provides clinical decision support tools.

Lab Results and PDMP Integrations

Through ICANotes integrations, you receive more ways to handle the medical aspects of mental health care. With ICANotes' add-on lab integrations, you can receive a patient's results through the software. Our e-prescribing service also has PDMP integrations to help you comply with state laws.

Customizable Charting Features

To make assessments and progress notes more efficient, ICANotes has robust and customizable templates. Complete more than 75 assessment tools for children and adults. Use one of ICANotes' existing progress notes templates or design your own to capture the details you need.

How Psychiatric Nurses Use Our EHR Software

Nurses in behavioral healthcare enhance their workflow through ICANotes' robust features. You can use ICANotes' psychiatric nurse practitioners EHR software to improve your day-to-day work with benefits such as:

  • Ready-to-use features: Once you purchase an ICANotes plan, you can start implementing it right away. The cloud-based platform allows you to use the most current version from anywhere with a secure connection.
  • Seamless workflows: All of ICANotes' features connect seamlessly. When you enter notes or an assessment, it automatically gets added to the patient's file. Move between scheduling, documenting and medical billing within a few clicks.
  • User collaboration: ICANotes' data syncs across users to give your team the same information. You can use the Messaging Center to communicate with other users through the ICANotes record system.

Power and flexibility make ICANotes a useful practice management solution for providing efficient care as a behavioral health nurse.

Why Do Mental Health Professionals Choose ICANotes?

Behavioral health professionals such as psychiatric nurse practitioners choose ICANotes as their EHR for care management advantages such as:

  • Focus on behavioral healthcare: We developed ICANotes' features and security around the unique needs of the mental healthcare industry
  • 2015 ONC-ATCB (Stage 3) certification: As a Stage 3-certified EHR, ICANotes assists with incentive qualification and Medicare compliance.
  • Monthly pricing plans: All ICANotes contracts charge by the month to give you more flexibility than a traditional long-term contract.

With ICANotes, you can customize the software's features to fit your private practice's needs. Adjust your workflow to offer better services as a psychiatric nurse or other health professional.

Learn More About Our Mental Health Practice Management System

Discover ICANotes' capabilities with a free trial or by scheduling a live demo. If you have a question, we welcome you to reach out to us through our contact form.

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