Social Work Case Management Software

Case Management Software for Social Workers

Today's clinical social workers coordinate multiple aspects of care and case management. As one of these professionals, you have many administrative tasks to take care of as part of your job. Whether you run your own practice or work at a group practice, these tasks take up time you could spend with clients.

We developed ICANotes to help you write your case management notes and manage your practice. Our case notes software has flexible features that adapt to the always-changing world of social work.

Our pre-configured clinical content means you can write a comprehensive, personalized case management note in 2 minutes. Watch our video below.

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Social Work Case Management Software Features

ICANotes includes a suite of tools and resources for simplifying mental health care coordination.
Features of our case management software for social workers include:


Streamlined Assessments and Case Notes

Point-and-click notes and assessments enable you to capture important details in a fraction of the time of typing or handwriting your notes. ICANotes has robust and customizable templates for case notes, treatment plans, discharge summaries, and other documents. It also features more than 75 electronic rating scales and assessments for children and adults.


Collaboration Across Disciplines

Social workers coordinate care with other mental health professionals in both administration and clinical work. ICANotes software can support multiple users from the same practice and update information across the client's chart for better case management. The Messaging Center communication tools let you message other staff members while working with the software.


Scheduling Tools for Appointments

The ICANotes calendar provides you and your administrative staff with broad and detailed overviews of your schedule. It links to client charts and assessment notes for a seamless workflow. Color coding and day, week, and month views keep your schedule organized.

Benefits of Case Notes Software for Social Workers

Improve your workflow and organization using ICANotes case management software. These benefits help you improve your efficiency and quality of care:

  • HIPAA compliance and advanced security: ICANotes has multiple built-in security measures to keep you HIPAA-compliant. Data encryption, access control, and other features protect patient information.
  • Seamless workflows: Schedule, document, and bill in a single system. Electronic charting helps you eliminate paper and spend less time on administrative tasks.

Let ICANotes automate your repetitive tasks so you can spend more time working with clients.

 Why Choose ICANotes for Case Notes Software?

Clinical social workers and other behavioral health professionals choose ICANotes software for advantages such as:

  • ONC Certification: ICANotes has been tested and certified by the ONC Health IT Certification program for full compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Designed for Clinicians: Our team developed ICANotes exclusively for behavioral health professionals.
  • Stellar Training and Support: Individual one-on-one virtual training and 24x7 support are available to all users at no additional charge.

Mental health professionals of all kinds can customize their plan, software and practice management solutions to meet their unique needs.

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