Behavioral Health EHR Security Features

HIPAA Compliance

ICANotes maintains ongoing compliance with all HIPAA regulations.

These include the latest technology to prevent unauthorized access to company servers, full encryption of transmitted data, password and username protection, access logs, alerts, and protection of access points.

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We comply with all HIPAA requirements with customized features and security precautions.

Authentication of Users

ICANotes includes username/password protection. Biometric authentication via the use of fingerprint recognition technology can be provided on request.

Audit Trails

ICANotes keeps a log of the date, time, and identity of every person who logs onto the program. A separate log is kept of which patient notes were accessed, when, and by whom.

Access Controls

ICANotes is easily set to allow different privileges to different types of users. For example, a medical records staff person could easily be assigned privileges to browse and print records, but not to create or alter records. Privileges for other groups are similarly easy to set or change.

Protection of Remote Access Points

In addition to fingerprint and/or username/password authentication at each workstation, ICANotes automatically drops the workstation computer from the network and/or logs off the program after a period of idle time.

Access Establishment and Modifications

Users with appropriate privileges are able to create and remove users, edit user information, and set or reset passwords.

Alarm and Event Reporting

If the wrong password is entered three times in a row, ICANotes prevents further attempts for 5 minutes and reports the event to the system administrator.

Privacy of
Psychotherapy Notes

ICANotes permits the recording of separate notes that can be password protected. These notes do not become part of the official record.

Prevention of Destruction of the Electronic Record

ICANotes provides digital electronic signatures and locking of the electronic record.


ICANotes transmits and receives data that is encrypted with a 128-bit key for HIPAA-compliant email for therapists.

Ways Our EHR Security Features Can Help Your Practice

We design our healthcare solutions with compliance as a core focus. ICANotes complies with HIPAA and the HITECH Act to provide industry-leading security and compliance. Security features available from ICANotes include:

  • A design with mental healthcare regulations in mind: Our team includes clinical professionals who understand behavioral health. As a result, ICANotes has compliance built into its design.
  • Third-party integrations: ICANotes works with third-party integrations such as health information exchanges (HIE). We ensure that our integrations follow the same stringent security standards as our software.
  • Regular security updates: ICANotes receives frequent security updates from our development team to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date security.

With these advantages, you can increase your rate of successful security audits and maintain data security for your mental health practice with a HIPAA-compliant therapy platform.

Benefits for Behavioral Health Providers

When you protect your patients' information with ICANotes, you'll get the chance to experience benefits such as:

  • Increased standard of care: Secure and organized information will let you improve your practice's standard of care. Maintaining compliant records will help you provide faster and more personalized services.
  • Better compliance: ICANotes uses customizable templates and security features to keep records consistent and safe. It can automate many of the record-keeping practices you'd otherwise need to perform with traditional paper documents.
  • Higher patient trust: Many patients notice when their mental health care provider values their security. An EHR program with built-in data protection builds patient trust through professionalism.

Mental health professionals can improve their practice operations and keep their patient records safe through our secure EMR software.

Reasons to Choose ICANotes as Your Secure EHR Software

Behavioral health practices use ICANotes for care management to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Design completed by mental health professionals: ICANotes has features and security geared toward behavioral health professionals. It helps practices involved with primary care, substance abuse treatment, HIPAA-compliant teletherapy and other services.
  • Simple data entry solutions: With user-friendly features like note templates, ICANotes makes it easy to record patient information. It has electronic charts, assessment tools, and other resources for your practice.
  • Web-based interface: Since ICANotes runs on a web-based interface, you can use it anywhere that you have a secure internet connection.

Our software features many more advantages, such as simple pricing, responsive customer support, and add-ons like electronic faxing software. Robust security features come standard on the base ICANotes package. All of our clients benefit from the protections built into our software.

Count on ICANotes for secure and powerful mental health information technology. Try the software out by attending an online demo or requesting a free trial. For one-on-one assistance with understanding ICANotes, contact our team online.

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