Family Therapists

Practice Management & EHR for Family Therapists

As a family therapist, you manage care for multiple clients at once. Keeping detailed, accurate and consistent records allows you to help families maintain healthy relationships. A robust documentation tool makes this process easier, so you can provide better care.

ICANotes includes electronic health records (EHR) and practice management features for family therapists. You can adapt the ICANotes practice management solution to best meet the needs of your clients.

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Features for Family Therapists


Assessments and Rating Scales for Adults and Children

Electronically administer more than 75 of the industry's most popular evidence-based rating scales and assessments. ICANotes has built-in assessment tools for adults, children, and families that lets you evaluate and monitor a broad range of symptoms.


Patient Portal and Appointment Reminders

Help your clients manage their care through appointment reminders and a patient portal. Every ICANotes package includes the Basic Portal for patients, and you can add the Premium Portal for an additional fee. Email, text messages, and phone reminders for appointments can also be added to reduce no-shows.


Group Charting

Manage progress notes and charting for multiple clients attending the same session. ICANotes simplifies therapy sessions with families through progress note templates and group charting.

Provide More Efficient Care

Streamline your everyday work with these benefits from the ICANotes EHR software:

  • Enhanced security and compliance: We implement cutting-edge HIPAA-compliant security features such as data encryption and controlled access in ICANotes' design. As a result, you can rely on it to protect patient information.
  • Spend more time with patients: ICANotes automates many administrative tasks to streamline your schedule. Thanks to this saved time, you can focus more effort on providing care.
  • Record consistent data: Point-and-click templates and up-to-date information across multiple users help you keep your client data and progress notes accurate.

With advantages such as these, you can optimize your administrative work to help you focus your time as a mental health professional on enhancing care.

Why Choose ICANotes?

Family therapists and other behavioral health professionals prefer ICANotes for advantages such as:

  • Stage 3 compliance: As one of the few mental health EHRs with 2015 ONC (Stage 3) certification, ICANotes enhances your compliance. It also helps you qualify for any related incentives.
  • Mental healthcare focus: Our team designed ICANotes to meet the needs of the behavioral healthcare field. Thanks to this focus, it makes it simple to adjust the features to your practice.
  • Monthly plans: Your ICANotes plan will charge every month to give you the best flexibility with pricing. With no long-term obligations, you can cancel anytime at least 15 days in advance.

The sophisticated and flexible features available through ICANotes give you the tools you need to perform your best work and increase patient satisfaction.

Intuitive, Accessible, Time-Saving

ICANotes - the only EHR software that actually thinks like a clinician.