EHR-Integrated Billing Software
for Behavioral Health Practices

Submit electronic or paper claims, track authorizations, auto-post
remittances, and generate reports.

Flexible Integrated Mental Health Billing Solutions

Use a single integrated solution to get payments faster and streamline your billing. Create superbills, statements and CMS forms with a comprehensive system. Take cash and check payments or use our integrated card processing system.

Handling Every Electronic Billing Need

ICANotes gives you the flexibility to bill the way you want. You can choose the option which best suits the specific needs of your practice.

Continue with your existing clearinghouse, billing service, or billing application.

If you choose to continue using your current billing system, you can export from the ICANotes Billing Productivity Report and send that to your provider. If you want to send an ANSI 837 file, we can perform an integration for an additional fee.

Use one of our billing partners.

You can convert to one of our trusted billing service partners whose solutions are integrated with ICANotes.

More Features of Our Billing Software for Mental and Behavioral Health

Take advantage of these ICANotes billing features to improve your practice's revenue cycle management process:

  • Self-pay billing: Manage payments for patients who have no insurance, use private pay or pay with cash.
  • Secondary claim submission: Request optional secondary claim submission capabilities for patients with more than one insurance plan.
  • Batch statements: Generate multiple billing statements based on the criteria you specify.
  • Statement customization: Show and hide details on a statement using the "Statement Settings" options.

These components of our billing system will help you customize your practice's operations while maintaining compliance.

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Medical Billing Integrations Available

To further customize your billing process, you can use one of our many integrations with trusted providers. Ask our team how to integrate ICANotes with clearinghouses, health information exchanges, practice management systems and similar solutions. Learn more about ICANotes' third-party integration partnerships.

Benefits of Using Our Mental Health Billing Software

When you use ICANotes as your medical billing software for mental health, you'll be taking advantage of benefits such as:

  • Multiple clearinghouse solutions: Integrate ICANotes into your existing billing system or choose one of our dependable clearinghouse partners.
  • Assistance with complete revenue cycle management: Depending on the features you add to your plan, you can implement ICANotes in many aspects of the revenue cycle.
  • Secure data management: ICANotes maintains ongoing HIPAA compliance and has robust security features like encrypted data and access controls.

Our comprehensive billing software solutions will help you improve your operations and standard of care by improving accuracy and efficiency.

ICANotes — An EHR Integrated With a Billing Platform

Billing features make up one component of our comprehensive mental health EHR. ICANotes acts as an ONC-certified behavioral health suite for behavioral health providers. Mental health professionals choose ICANotes because of the following features:

  • Comprehensive practice management solutions: Additional ICANotes capabilities include progress notes, appointment scheduling, evidence-based assessments, and patient engagement solutions.
  • Cloud-based EHR technology: ICANotes operates on the cloud, meaning you can access it through a secure internet browser.
  • Software designed specifically for mental health: We developed ICANotes with the needs of mental and behavioral health providers in mind.

A variety of mental health professionals use ICANotes in their practices, including social workers, therapists and psychologists.

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Holly Johnson
M.A., LPC, NCC, Fresh Start Counseling Center

"I couldn't be happier switching to Navicure's claims clearinghouse solution. Not only does Navicure provide me with outstanding client support, my practice's rejections decreased by 20% since implementing Navicure. And when I do have a rejection, their user-friendly application allows me to easily identify the reason for the rejection,
fix it, and re-submit quickly."

Clearinghouse Partners

Billing Service Providers

"My collections have gone up since I outsourced to PGM. PGM gets me paid for the work I do, which allows me to commit more time to providing patient care. Outsourcing was an easy decision--and the right decision--for my practice."
—Jacob Samander, MD

Intuitive, Accessible, Time-Saving

ICANotes - the only EHR software that actually thinks like a clinician.