Behavioral Health Document Management

Go Paperless and Save Time with Electronic Documents

ICANotes enables your practice to achieve these additional benefits through electronic chart and file management:

  • Fast, easy access to a consolidated patient record
  • Secure concurrent access across multiple, remote users
  • Significantly reduced storage space requirements
  • Elimination of lost or misplaced documents, paper files, and records

Save time and effort by using our electronic health record (EHR) solutions.

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Behavioral and Mental Health Documentation Workflows

Convert Paper Forms to Electronic Documents

Upload scanned images of paper documents and attach them to the patient’s chart. Many file types are supported: TIF, DOC, GIF, JPG, BMP, PDF, PNG, PDF, etc.


Patients can enter their own demographics and history and directly populate the patient record. Practices can also create electronic web-based intake forms, which can be completed and signed on the portal and appear in PDF form on the patient chart.

Kno2 Clinical
Document Exchange

This add-on service allows practices to electronically send patient documents to other healthcare providers via Direct messaging or electronic fax.

All of the Documentation You Need in One
Practice Management System

With ICANotes, you can keep your practice's records in one secure system. In addition to the documentation workflows mentioned above, you can manage more documents through:

  • Patient information charts: ICANotes has robust charting features that will help you maintain a record of your patient's care. Conduct assessments, write progress notes, and update health records with customizable templates.
  • Appointment scheduling: The ICANotes Calendar connects to the rest of the software's features for optimal appointment management. Schedule for multiple providers, track no-shows, and view schedules at a glance.
  • Medical billing: Use the most convenient revenue cycle management system for your practice with ICANotes' billing features. Keep working with an existing billing service or use one of our billing partners.

Maintaining this information in a single system will increase your practice's efficiency and improve communication with patients.

The Benefits of Electronic
Documentation Systems for Mental Health

Electronic documentation systems like ICANotes will enhance your mental health practice's operations through:

  • More efficient data entry: ICANotes includes templates, automatic data population and more ways to speed up data entry.
  • Comprehensive document management tools: The documentation features in ICANotes will work together to keep your information consistent and accurate.
  • Integrated financial management: ICANotes will self-code for billing as you chart to maximize reimbursements and simplify claims.
  • Higher treatment plan accuracy: Customizable templates will allow you to create documentation faster while capturing all of the details you need.

Your behavioral health organization will save time on documentation and have more time to focus on patient care with these features.

Why Choose ICANotes?

Mental health professionals choose ICANotes as their EHR software for benefits such as:

  • A solution designed specifically for behavioral health: We created ICANotes to help mental health professionals manage their records. Our behavioral health EHR includes features made exclusively for mental healthcare.
  • Features that keep patients engaged: Select ICANotes features that will help you increase patient engagement. Client portals and appointment reminders will keep patients involved in their care while saving your practice time.
  • Secure, cloud-based EHR features: ICANotes runs on a cloud-based platform that you can access through an internet browser. It will keep your data safe while providing access from anywhere with a secure internet connection.

Behavioral health providers such as social workers, substance abuse counselors, and psychologists count on ICANotes for comprehensive practice management.

Learn how ICANotes handles electronic documents by seeing its capabilities in action. Experience ICANotes by scheduling a live demo or requesting a free trial. You may also ask questions about the software by contacting our team online.

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