Telehealth Platforms for Mental Health

Secure & Integrated HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth

ICANotes Telehealth

Add telehealth to your ICANotes plan for $10 per user.


Integrated Mental Health EHR with Telehealth

ICANotes Telehealth currently operates for providers on Windows and Mac workstations. Clients can participate from Windows, Mac, or mobile phones and tablets.

After installation, providers simply click a button on the client's chart or the appointment to initiate the session. The provider can choose to send the client a text message or an email with a link that they click to join the session. It's that simple.

A virtual waiting room, screen sharing, group sessions, and interoffice chat are also available features.

ICANotes telehealth is a secure, fully HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. You can drag the video session onto a second monitor, and document your session in ICANotes at the same time.

Getting Started With Telehealth


What are the benefits of using a mental health telehealth platform?

Telehealth offers a range of benefits for both you as a clinician and your clients. These advantages include:

  • Flexible schedule: The flexible format of telepsychiatry and teletherapy appointments enables you to have a more flexible schedule through adaptable or increased hours. Clients benefit from the ability to access care outside of their regular schedule.
  • Convenience: You and your clients can take part in telehealth from anywhere with a secure internet connection. This ease of access makes telehealth a convenient option for care.
  • Improves access of care to vulnerable populations: Clients who don't have reliable transportation or medical issues that get in the way of transport can get care at home with telehealth.
  • Reducing the deterrence of stigma: Telehealth allows individuals that may have been discouraged due to social stigma to seek care in the privacy of their homes.
  • Increased income: With telehealth, you can get increased opportunities for more income through these benefits:
    - Additional hours at non-traditional times
    - Opens access to more clients
    - Removes barriers for clients
    - Fewer no shows

What tech do I need?

You and your patient will need a computer, phone or tablet with a speaker, microphone and camera to participate in a telepsychiatry or teletherapy session. Many devices already come with these features. If your device doesn't have one of these features or you want to improve quality, you can also get an external microphone, camera or headphones.

Is telehealth secure?

ICANotes Telehealth is a secure, proprietary, HIPAA-compliant platform for behavioral health clinicians. The client receives either a text or an email invitation containing a secure link. The client clicks the link to join the session. No download is required.

How do I perform a telehealth session through ICANotes?

The ICANotes Telehealth feature launches right from the EHR interface. You can start a session through the patient's chart, appointment or chart room. After you launch the session, your client will receive an email or text message with a link to join the session.

What services can I provide using ICANotes Telehealth?

CMS allows clinicians to perform numerous services over telehealth as long as they comply with state and federal laws. These services include therapy, telepsych and medication management. Reference your state's telehealth laws for more information about your options.

Is ICANotes Telehealth HIPAA compliant?

Yes! ICANotes Telehealth is secure and fully HIPAA-complaint. Learn more about our HIPAA compliance features.

Fully Integrated Telehealth and EHR Features

You can use ICANotes Telehealth EHR as part of a comprehensive practice management system. It works seamlessly with the rest of the software's behavioral health EHR features, including:

  • Appointment reminders: If you add appointment reminders to your ICANotes plan, your patients will receive automatic reminders for their upcoming telehealth sessions.
  • Document management: With ICANotes, you can manage client documentation through the software during a telehealth session.
  • Messaging: ICANotes also includes messaging features for intraoffice and provider-to-patient communication to facilitate remote services.
  • Patient Portal: Your clients can access the patient portal for information about their medical history and online communication with their providers.
  • Scheduling: The ICANotes Calendar enables you to schedule and manage appointments and provides the option to start a telehealth session from an appointment entry.

Benefits of ICANotes as a Telehealth EHR Software

Behavioral health professionals choose ICANotes for the following advantages:

  • Designed for behavioral health: We designed ICANotes with the needs of mental health professionals in mind. As a result, the software includes documentation and practice management features tailored to a wide range of behavioral health disciplines.
  • HIPAA-compliant features: To help you protect your patients' information and maintain compliance, we keep every aspect of ICANotes HIPAA-compliant. ICANotes operates on a secure, cloud-based platform and provides private telehealth sessions.
  • Simple and scalable pricing: All of our plans charge monthly to enable you to change your services at any time. We base all pricing on the number of users to deliver a solution that scales to your practice size.

Find Out More About ICANotes

Discover why behavioral health practices use ICANotes to document and manage their services. Learn more about our software from the live demo or with a free trial. You may also contact us with any specific questions.

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