Appointment Scheduling

Make Scheduling Easier with ICANotes Calendar

The ICANotes Calendar allows the front desk to indicate when a patient has arrived and facilitates the collection of the patient's copay. The clinician can go right from the Calendar to the patient’s chart, or start the session note right from the appointment.

An appointment history for the patient which lists canceled appointments and no-shows is easily created. Groups can be scheduled and you can block out availability times.

The Calendar also allows you to view multiple clinicians on one screen to compare calendars and reschedule appointments quickly.

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Behavioral and Mental Health Appointment Scheduling

In addition to working as a documentation tool, ICANotes acts as a mental health treatment and therapy appointment scheduling software. The ICANotes calendar is integrated with our Patient Portal and our email and text appointment reminders.

Features of the ICANotes Calendar include:

  • Set office hours, assign providers custom colors and easily print the day’s appointments
  • Customizable appointment types
  • Color coding which shows the various stages of the appointment
  • Multiple provider scheduling
  • Day/Week/Month views
  • No-show tracking
  • Block provider vacation schedules

These features make schedule management faster and easier so that you can focus on serving your patients.

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Power Your Appointment Management System

For an additional fee, you can further enhance your appointment scheduling with these features:

  • Appointment reminders: Automatically send text message clientele appointment reminders to your patients before their appointments.
  • Client portal: Let patients manage their appointments, reminders and prescriptions through an intuitive online portal.

ICANotes will allow you to customize your features to streamline your appointment scheduling. Learn more about our text message appointment reminders and paperless online therapy appointment portal.

Benefits of Comprehensive Behavioral and Mental Health Scheduling

Appointment practice scheduling features from ICANotes provide these benefits to behavioral health practices of all sizes:

  • Saved time: Organization and customization features will speed up your appointment scheduling times. As a result, you'll get more time to focus on other aspects of your practice.
  • Patient engagement: Features such as no-show recording and text reminders help patients keep their appointments. Support your patients in their efforts to improve their mental health.
  • Progress note templates: The clinician conducting an appointment can start session notes through the ICANotes Calendar. They can begin documenting their visit right away using a template modeled after the appointment information.
  • Fast billing solutions: ICANotes' Calendar allows administrative staff to note when a patient arrives and collect the copay for the appointment. This step links the appointment to billing for a faster process.

By keeping your appointments organized and accessible, ICANotes can help you manage your practice and keep your patients on track.

Why Choose ICANotes?

Behavioral and mental health professionals choose ICANotes for advantages such as:

  • Availability for all mental health disciplines: A variety of behavioral health professionals can use ICANotes, including psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, therapists, social workers, and psychologists.
  • Simple pricing plans: Our contracts charge on a monthly basis, so you'll get a flexible EHR solution. We'll base our prices on your practice's staff and operations so you never have to pay for more than what you need.
  • HIPAA-compliant documentation: ICANotes will help you comply with HIPAA with multiple security features. The cloud-based platform has built-in security to protect your patients' information.

As a robust electronic health records (EHR) software, ICANotes includes multiple features to help you manage your practice. Record patient information, manage your practice and complete other critical tasks electronically.

Scheduling is included in every ICANotes package

At ICANotes, we can provide you with multiple ways to experience our software's features before you purchase it. Try our mental health practice management software today by requesting a free trial or experiencing the live demo. You can also contact our team with specific questions.

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