Patient Portal

With the ICANotes Patient Portal, practice management can become paperless.

Paperless Practice

ICANotes offers a Meaningful Use Stage 3 certified Patient Portal, with the functionality to optimize patient engagement and support a paperless practice.


Basic Portal - These features are included in our monthly service fee:

  • Secure electronic communication with patients
  • Patient access to their medical history (via CCDA)

Premium Portal: This functionality can be added for an additional monthly fee:

  • Online intake: With the Online Intake feature, patients can enter and update their demographic information. The practice can then review this data and transfer it to ICANotes in a few clicks. The Premium Portal also allows patients to enter their psychiatric and medical histories as well as related information. After this data is entered, it pre-populates into an ICANotes Initial Assessment.
  • Electronic forms: Practices can set up their own custom web-based forms for patients to complete and sign. Completed forms automatically appear on the Documents tab of the patient's chart in PDF form.
  • Care management tools: The secure patient portal includes information about prescribed medications and upcoming appointments. Patients can use this feature to request refills, confirm appointments and cancel appointments.
  • Email appointment reminders: Patients can request email reminders for upcoming appointments to help them manage confirmations and cancellations.

Improve patient engagement and your practice's efficiency by helping patients better manage their care.

Text Appointment Reminders

Send automated appointment reminders to your patients through SMS. Practices can customize the text messages, and up to 3 reminders can be sent at practice-defined intervals for each appointment. Call 866-847-3590 or email for Premium Pricing.

Client Portal and Text Reminder Pricing

Text reminders can be used with or without the premium patient portal, for an additional fee.  Complete the form below to add the Premium Portal or text message reminders to your ICANotes package.

Benefits of Using a Mental Health EHR Client Portal

The ICANotes patient portal can provide the following advantages and more for your practice:

  • Enhanced patient engagement: Client portals help patients stay engaged by asking questions, managing appointments and requesting prescription refills whenever they need to.
  • More accurate progress notes and intake forms: Since patients provide their own information on the portal, they provide accurate details about their demographics and medical history.
  • Faster clinical documentation: The Basic and Premium Portals connect to ICANotes to populate patient information. Patients can also complete documentation outside of appointments to save time.
  • Improved patient satisfaction: With the use of their client portals, patients can feel more involved in their care. They also have the option to ask their provider questions at any time.

Keep your patients engaged in their care and improve your care management workflow with the Basic and Premium Patient Portals.

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ICANotes — An All-in-One Mental Health EHR With Patient Portal

Mental health practices rely on ICANotes for benefits such as:

  • Ready to use functionality: ICANotes' cloud-based system will allow you to begin using it as soon as you register and pay. Visit the ICANotes website and sign up to get started right away.
  • EHR software for mental health: We designed ICANotes as an EHR specifically for behavioral health. It has documentation templates, security and features geared toward the mental health specialty.
  • Customizable EHR features: Many aspects of ICANotes will enable you to customize your workflow. Customizable content templates help you capture every detail that matters to your practice.
  • A variety of care management tools: In addition to the patient portal, ICANotes includes appointment scheduling, medical billing, clinical documentation and other critical features. Get more out of your electronic medical records with these versatile capabilities.
  • Web-based EHR functionality: As a web-based EHR, ICANotes updates automatically and requires no installation. You can access ICANotes through any secure internet connection.

Substance abuse counselors, social workers and other mental health providers enhance their practice with ICANotes.

Learn More About ICANotes and the Patient Portal

Get more information about ICANotes' features by seeing them for yourself. Experience the difference that ICANotes makes by requesting a free trial or scheduling a live demo. We also welcome you to contact us with any questions.

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ICANotes - the only EHR software that actually thinks like a clinician.