Integrated Behavioral Health EHR

EHRs for Integrated Care

In recent years, the medical and behavioral healthcare fields have increased their focus on integrating mental health care into physical health care. Known as integrated care, this practice requires behavioral health professionals to have their patient's medical and behavioral health information in one source.

With ICANotes Primary Care, you can turn your behavioral healthcare electronic health record (EHR) into an EHR for integrated care. With our new EHR features for primary care, you can bridge the gap between mental and physical health care for your practice.

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What is Integrated Care?

Integrated care is the coordination of mental and physical health care on a systematic level. Professionals in both fields implement integrated care in many different ways. While some integrated care models start with primary care and add mental health elements, others may begin the other way around. While a fully integrated care program includes all services under the same provider, some facilities use partially integrated care programs. These models provide comprehensive care to a patient through co-location, referral, collaboration or a similar method.

Who Provides Integrated Care to Patients?

A wide range of behavioral healthcare professionals participate in integrated care. Explore the types of mental health clinicians that provide integrated care and how they can make use of a behavioral health EHR with primary care features:

  • Therapists and counselors: Therapists and counselors provide psychotherapy and document their sessions through EHR notes that the rest of the care team can access.
  • Psychiatrists: Psychiatrists can perform a full range of behavioral health care services and use EHRs to support their clinical decisions with documentation and prescribe medicine.
  • Psychiatric nurse practitioners: Depending on where they practice, psychiatric nurse practitioners can make diagnoses and prescribe medicine independently or while supporting a psychiatrist through EHR documentation.

How Does ICANotes Primary Care Benefit
Mental Health Practitioners and Patients?

The Primary Care feature in ICANotes benefits behavioral health professionals and their patients through:

  • Improved patient outcomes through earlier mental health diagnosis and treatment
  • Cost and time savings by reducing the amount of time spent in-care
  • Better collaboration among mental and medical healthcare providers due to a unified system

Primary Care EHR Features for Behavioral Health

ICANotes Primary Care includes features such as the following for integrating behavioral and medical health care:

  • Service Notes: Document common medical services such as physical examinations and annual wellness visits with customizable templates. You can also create additional service buttons and templates to make your integrated care documentation more efficient.
  • e-Prescribing: Submit a prescription to your patient's pharmacy of choice through a secure electronic system.
  • Allergies and medical history: Note the patient's allergies and highlights from their medical history to inform a diagnosis and treatment.

ICANotes: An Integrated Care EHR

Behavioral health professionals across the United States count on ICANotes for seamless documentation and practice management. With the addition of EHR for primary care features, ICANotes can now serve practitioners more effectively than ever. Discover ICANotes through a free trial or by scheduling a live demo.

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