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Welcome to ICANotes, your gateway to unparalleled efficiency for your mental health practice. Explore the features and benefits of our Behavioral Health Software designed to enhance note-taking, streamline practice management, and optimize revenue cycle management.

ICANotes is the ideal software for:

  • Clinicians who want to improve the quality of their notes.
  • Clinicians who want to reduce the time spent writing notes.
  • Clinicians who want to spend more time on patient care.

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The most clinically robust software for behavioral health

ICANotes stands above the rest as the ultimate Behavioral Health Software, offering an intuitive, chart-centric workflow. Our customizable templates minimize documentation time, allowing you to confidently bill at maximum reimbursement levels. Craft thorough progress notes in just three minutes that are meaningful for you, your clients, and any other professionals that may need to review them.

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Behavioral Health Software

Reduce Your Documentation Burden with ICANotes Behavioral Health Software

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ICANotes Behavioral Health Software Success Stories

"I love love love ICANOTES if it were a human I would marry it!! As a therapist, I hate writing notes but now it’s like my life is my own again. I never get this excited about anything that’s related to documentation and I have tried everything thing from recording sessions to using microphones to speak my notes and nothing compares to ICANotes!"

“ICANotes has highly impressive features such as creating mental health forms such as screening questionnaires, creating treatment plans with measurable objectives, and very thorough mental health assessments. The case notes are very easy to create and include a comprehensive mental health status examination. Also, you can link your treatment plan to your case notes so that you can address the progress made in treatment when writing a case note. It has a comprehensive list of all psychotropic medications.”

"My experience has been extremely positive. I cannot recommend it enough. It is user-friendly and makes completing notes a breeze. The customer service and training are amazing. It is by far the best I have ever used. The teletherapy is smooth, the portal is user-friendly and effective. Forms can be customized. There is an extensive library of screening tools that can be used in sessions or sent to clients. I am amazed by the resources."

“I’ve been using ICANotes for over 10 years. I do strongly prefer it to systems that are not specific to mental health. It definitely helps me train clinicians that I hire and bring into our system. The ease-of-use and it is very helpful to have the checkbox symptom. I like the ability to do electronics prescribing. The system of clicking buttons to insert text helps speed documentation.”

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