Certified Drug & Alcohol Abuse Counselors

Practice Management & EHR for Drug & Alcohol Abuse Counselors

Substance abuse treatment often involves managing multiple diagnoses and working with interdisciplinary teams. These factors can result in administrative work that hinders your ability to provide exceptional care.

Our team developed ICANotes to help addiction professionals like you manage your records and practice. This behavioral health-specific EHR system provides efficient, customizable solutions to fit your unique needs.

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An EHR for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselors

ICANotes' substance abuse EHR software has a full suite of features to simplify the documentation process and improve your practice management. Addiction professionals can especially benefit from these practice management solutions.


Intuitive Note Templates

ICANotes includes pre-configured templates that alcohol and drug abuse counselors can use to enter comprehensive and individualized notes quickly, with no typing required. Using templates designed specifically for substance abuse, you can create progress notes in just two to three minutes, improving documentation compliance while reducing the amount of time spent on documentation.


Integrated Patient Portal

To encourage patient engagement and support a paperless practice, ICANotes features a number of patient portal integration options. Communicate with patients electronically, give patients access to their medical history, and send automated appointment reminders.


Industry-Leading Assessments

Administer more than 75 electronic rating scales and assessment tools, including ones for substance abuse. You may also create custom forms and assessments to collect more of the information you need to provide care and keep patients engaged.

The Benefits of Using ICANotes for Substance Abuse Counseling

Using ICANotes in your substance abuse treatment practice will help you:

  • Improve security and compliance: ICANotes uses cutting-edge security measures to protect patient data and comply with HIPAA. As a cloud-based platform, ICANotes lets you access a patient's emergency information from any secure connection.
  • Save time: The charting features in ICANotes integrate with the software's other capabilities to streamline your data entry. As a result, you get more time to focus on providing care.
  • Increase accuracy and consistency: ICANotes uses customizable templates that let you capture progress notes and details in a few clicks. This process keeps data consistent and accurate while allowing you to efficiently document complex clinical information.

By automating your routine tasks, ICANotes lets you focus on what matters — your time with patients.

A Practice Management EHR for
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselors

Drug and alcohol abuse counselors and other mental health professionals use ICANotes for advantages such as:

  • Communication across teams: ICANotes can work with multiple users and has cross-disciplinary features. The Messaging Center lets users communicate with each other through the software.
  • Monthly contract charges: Our contracts are monthly, giving you more flexibility than a long-term contract. You may cancel at any time, at least 15 days in advance.

We designed ICANotes to meet the needs of behavioral health clinicians in a variety of disciplines. Its robust features empower you to get the most out of your administrative work.

Intuitive, Accessible, Time-Saving

ICANotes - the only EHR software that actually thinks like a clinician.