Automatic Coding

ICANotes self-codes to the highest reimbursable E/M service code supported by your note content, enhancing revenue and preventing costly paybacks.

Evaluation / Management Code

ICANotes automatically takes into consideration the site of service (office, hospital, nursing home, etc.) and calculates the highest possible reimbursable code supported by your note.

ICANotes automatically codes using Evaluation / Management code numbers according to HCFA's Guidelines (from Documentation Guidelines for Evaluation and Management Services).

HCFA guidelines are so complicated that a computer is a practical necessity. As buttons are pushed, ICANotes records (and you can observe) which history and exam elements are being credited. The level of Medical Decision Making is also scored on the basis of buttons pushed.

Sample Coding Matrix

The MDM button is located at the beginning of the note and is always available to refer back to in the assessment. While choosing the problems, data, and risk associated with your patient ICANotes tracks this information providing you with the associated code for billing. In addition to assisting you with the coding ICANotes documents the measures taken in the coding and places these in your note to ensure you have supporting documentation for your billing claims. This documentation reduces your chances of claim denials.

The E&M Code for me button is centrally located on the finishing tab of the note. Utilizing this button will allow you to see what elements have been credited from within the note. The coding matrix will show problems addressed, reviewed, and analyzed data along with risk levels. This provides you an opportunity to maximize your reimbursement by making additions and recalculating your CPT codes.

em coding 2 (1)

Intuitive, Accessible, Time-Saving

ICANotes - the only EHR software that actually thinks like a clinician. 

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