What is a BillFlash Statement?

Is the billing process of your mental or behavioral health practice tedious and time-consuming? Are you looking for a way to streamline the billing and payment processes in your office to save you time and money? Physicians' offices and medical billing companies can enhance their billing and payment processes with BillFlash.

In this guide, we'll discuss what a BillFlash statement is and how it can help mental and behavioral health therapists establish a more convenient, accurate and affordable billing process.

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What Is BillFlash?

BillFlash is a processing service for electronic patient statements. When it comes to billing for telemedicine, BillFlash is hard to beat. As an electronic billing service, BillFlash can save billers money and time. Billing patients is critical for generating revenue, but it's often inefficient and time-consuming. With BillFlash, the process of billing patients becomes more efficient and effective.

Traditionally, patient statements were printed and mailed, a process that can take several hours or days. Billing statements must be reviewed, printed, folded, sorted, stuffed into envelopes, affixed with address labels, sealed and delivered — a lengthy, tedious process that occurs every month.

When mental and behavioral health therapists use BillFlash, they can enjoy a more efficient billing process.

What Is Offered With BillFlash?

The goals of BillFlash are to help providers get paid faster and save money. BillFlash offers providers many benefits and features, including the following:

Electronic Billing Statement Services

One of the most significant features of BillFlash is online billing, which allows you to:

  • Securely send paperless bills, saving you money.
  • Send approved bills the same day.
  • Customize messages to payers that alert them to a new eBill and instruct them on how to access the eBill.
  • Allow patients to find their current and past bills, saving you time responding to inquiries about lost bills.
  • Expedite the process for online payments with the correct CPT codes.

Electronic Payment Services

BillFlash also offers online payment services, which allows patients to:

  • Pay their bills online.
  • Access a consolidated payments report, which includes online payments.
  • Send messages along with their online payments — plus, you will be able to send messages to your patients to record their payments.

BillFlash Online Payment Services

Print and Mail Services

Additionally, BillFlash offers print and mail services. For BillFlash users, these services include:

  • You can customize the accepted payment methods, colors and messages.
  • You can send printed bills to patients via First-Class Mail through USPS.
  • You can make processing more simple with return envelopes and payment coupons.
  • Your approved bills will be mailed the next business day.
  • You will receive an Address Change Report for any new addresses, so you can update your records for billing.

In-Office Payment Services

What is offered with in-office payment services from BillFlash? You can expect access to the following services:

  • Your patients can view online OfficePays.
  • The consolidated Payments Report will include OfficePays.
  • You can process phone, mail and walk-in payments.

BillFlash offers several helpful billing and payment services for mental and behavioral health therapists.

Benefits of Using BillFlash

Many mental and behavioral health therapists are turning to BillFlash for their patient billing statements. The following are some of the benefits of using BillFlash:

  • Save money: Therapists can save more than 60 percent by converting from paper mail to online billing, sending eBills for free and enjoying low processing fees.
  • Have access to a convenient one-stop-shop: Billing services and payment services can all conveniently be found in the same spot.
  • Find payment reports easily: You can search for payments by using the patient's name, location, date, account, payment method or amount.
  • Save time: You can enjoy speedy billing and payment processes and start using BillFlash in just minutes.
  • Have access to simple Payment Services: These services include fast deposits, simple pricing and no surprises.
  • Get paid quickly and conveniently: You can say goodbye to the usual hurdles of getting paid, and many billers receive their payments sooner. You'll be able to receive payments from patients 24/7, which also makes sending payments more convenient for patients.
  • Avoid human errors: Since you'll be eliminating the manual process with BillFlash, you'll also be able to avoid human errors. Thus, the billing process will be more accurate.
  • Eliminate headaches: Because the process is fast and simple, anyone can quickly learn the stress-free billing process. This means you also won't have to worry about lengthy mental health billing training.
  • Increase your productivity: Through the use of BillFlash, you'll be able to redirect the time and labor you would've otherwise expended on the billing process.
  • Continue to maintain control: You'll benefit from outsourcing the payment and billing process while still maintaining control.
  • View past patient statements: With BillFlash, you can view patient statements from the past 12 months.
  • Accept all payments and cards: For payments from patients, you can accept checks, debit cards, credit cards and cash. For credit cards, you can accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover through BillFlash.
  • Convert paper checks: With BillFlash's OfficePay, you can convert paper checks to eChecks easily, simplifying check processing.
  • Answer questions easily: If your patients have any questions about their payment details, you can easily and quickly resolve these questions and concerns with just a few clicks.

Avoid human error in behavioral health billing process with BillFlash

BillFlash will be more affordable than sending patient statements from your office. By getting rid of paper handling, you'll save money and time, and your patients will receive their billing statements in a more timely manner. Mental and behavioral health therapists can enjoy each of these benefits with BillFlash.

Integrate BillFlash and ICANotes Into Your Behavioral Health Practice

Are you looking to improve billing for behavioral health? To benefit your behavioral health practice, try integrating an automatic billing system like BillFlash with ICANotes.

Among the behavioral health specialty, ICANotes is the leading EHR. Whether you work in a private practice or in an inpatient setting, we have the software you need to make your job easier. We can reduce your burden of documentation and help you get paid faster.

Curious about our BillFlash Statement Services at ICANotes? Check out our webinar to learn more about the services offered by BillFlash. You can also sign up for a free trial.

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