Richard Morgenstern

Founding Partner, Clinical Director, and Assistant Developer

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Richard was raised in Rahway, New Jersey. He went to Rutgers University and Tufts Medical School. He did his psychiatric residency at New York Medical College, Metropolitan Hospital.

Over the course of his professional career Richard did many things, including a private, psychotherapy oriented private practice which slowly segued into a psychopharmacology practice, as the medications got better. Also, he was a consultant, at various times in his career, to nursing homes, schools, prisons and other such institutions in his area.

He was, for a number of years, the Medical Director of one of New Jersey’s State Psychiatric Hospitals where geropsychiatric patients were treated. Richard was an early computer enthusiast and bought a TRS80 in 1978. He deeply regrets throwing it away some years later.  On it, he taught himself Basic. He still remembers that CLS= Clear the Screen.

Around 1995 Richard decided that writing the same phrases over and over was not how he wanted to spend his professional time, and that a computer could do it. Fortuitously, the salesperson at MacMall suggested he buy and teach himself FileMaker.  Richard decided that if he could just push a button that put into his note, “Patient convincingly denies suicidal ideation or intent” he would be happy. ICANotes flowed from that desire.  He considers the years spent using his own program during the day and adding new features or fixing bugs in the evening the best part of his career. However, an inexpertly written program and a business are two widely different things.  ICANotes was a hobby until his brother Don Morgenstern and his daughter's friend Dave Fencik responded to Richard’s pleas for help. Without Don’s business savvy and Dave’s technical savvy it would still be a hobby. Without Mark Conrad the program would still look silly and run slowly. Without Courtney and Steve the company would grind to a halt.

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