Joy MacLauren

Documentation and QA

Joy was raised in North Clarendon, Vermont on a small farm. She dreamed of a world that was out of her reach so she started creating new worlds through writing. 

As Joy grew older, she learned the career of medical transcription and often was leading teams and projects, testing new software, and designing technical documents while employed at a community hospital. She also enjoyed nonfiction ghostwriting. Joy moved to Baltimore, Maryland to experience city life and to achieve her goal of completing a technology degree. After earning her information technology degree, Joy joined ICANotes as a support agent, and now works as lead QA tester and documentation writer at ICANotes. 

Joy is enthusiastic about making "how-to" articles that are easy to follow and producing informative short videos. Joy's hobbies include spending time with her grown daughter; composing drama, fantasy, and psychological-horror short stories; and knitting.  She resides in Southern Pennsylvania with her fiancé and dog companions. 

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