Courtney Kimmel

Partner, Clinical Education

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Courtney was born in Kentucky but was an "army brat" and grew up on army bases from California to Panama.

ICANotes Partner Don Morgenstern had coffee every morning at the City Dock Coffee Shop where Courtney was the manager and he noticed how efficient she was and how easily she got along with customers and co-workers.  He offered her a job in 2008 and was impressed that she expressed a loyalty to the Coffee Shop. Nevertheless, she accepted a part time job and quickly impressed Don, and everybody else, with the speed at which she learned, her willingness to ask questions, her perfect record keeping, and her facility with customers with support questions. After giving the Coffee Shop ample notice she joined ICANotes full time and soon became an equity partner.
Courtney is a vocalist in her church's worship band, a voluntary teacher of English to the local Hispanic community, and recently adopted a cat named Oliver that she taught to "sit." She lives in Annapolis with her husband Ryan. They recently bought their first house.

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