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Install ICANotes

PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Phone... whatever platform you use, ICANotes has a solution for you.

Install on Windows

Step 1 - Download Printer Support Files

Click to download and install Screwdrivers 64-bit printing software.

If it doesn't run, download the Screwdrivers 32-bit printing software instead.

Step 2 - Download Connection Icon

Right click the icon above and select "Save link as" or "Save target as" and save it to your desktop.



Step 3 - Login

Click the connection icon you downloaded.

Enter "INTERNET\" before your ICANotes username every time you first login on a new PC

(e.g., "INTERNET\bsmith" without the quotes).

Be sure to use the backslash key ( \ ) located above the ENTER key on your keyboard.

Install on Mac

Step 1 - Download RDC Client

Download and run the correct Remote Desktop Installer:

Remote Desktop for Mac v2.1    (OSX 10.5 or higher) RECOMMENDED FOR MOST USERS

Remote Desktop for Mac v2.0.1 (OSX 10.4)

Remote Desktop for Mac v2.1.2 (experimental)

Step 2 - Download Connection Icon

Control-click (or right click) the icon above and select "download linked file as..." or "save link as..." and save to your desktop.


Step 3 - Login

Double-Click on the ICANotes.rdp icon to connect to ICANotes.

If you need it, the computer name is

Install on Mobile

Please click here for a guide on how to log in from an iPad, iPhone, or Android Device.

If your device uses Windows 8 RT, click here.