ICANotes Named a FrontRunner for Mental Health EHR Software

Software Advice, a leading database and consultation service for business software, named ICANotes a FrontRunner® for Mental Health for June 2018. FrontRunners are user-selected software providers that provide a high-quality experience. Learn more below about the criteria for Mental Health EHR FrontRunners and what makes ICANotes such a high-ranked behavioral health EHR.

FrontRunner Selection Methods

To choose the top products for every month, Software Advice relies entirely on user reviews — no corporate intervention. They examine two primary dimensions:

  • The Usability Score averages review scores for ease of use and functionality.
  • The User Recommended Score uses the average of scores related to the likelihood of recommendation and perceived value.

Software Advice separates enterprise vendors and small vendors into two separate groups to account for smaller businesses. Each category, such as Mental Health, has a minimum score that FrontRunners must meet to qualify. This score is then visualized as a graph that features the Usability Score on the X-axis and the User Recommended Score on the Y-axis.

For June 2018, Software Advice chose 15 products out of the Mental Health category to name FrontRunners. That means that out of 115 Mental Health software products, we ranked among the top 15 products, or top 15%. At the time of writing, our Software Advice review score is 4.0/5.0 stars.

What Makes ICANotes Easy to Use?

Users consider ICANotes an accessible and functional software because:

  • Note templates create clinically robust progress notes and records within a few minutes.
  • Practice management features let practitioners and patients schedule appointments, manage documents and process billing in compliance with HIPAA.
  • Billing solutions create statements and bills and allow you to use the payment process you prefer.
  • Built-in security features block and allow access so only authorized employees can see patient data.

ICANotes lets mental health professionals complete the essential functions of their jobs faster and more easily so they can focus on patient care.

Why Do So Many Users Consider ICANotes a High-Value Software?

We designed ICANotes to ensure you get the most out of it. Users consider their purchase of ICANotes worthwhile and would recommend it to a friend because:

  • The software includes features that make all parts of a practitioner’s job easier — not just notes and charts.
  • Users can customize templates to fit their practice’s needs while benefiting from point-and-click document building.
  • Features such as appointment reminders and billing statements are easy to automate and generate.
  • All customers receive unlimited one-on-one web-based training and support at no extra cost.
  • A web-based design allows users to securely manage records wherever they can find an internet connection.
  • ICANotes doesn’t require a contract to purchase the software.

Get a Free Trial — No Credit Card Required

If you haven’t used ICANotes yet, let the results speak for themselves. Register for a free trial to test out all product features. We don’t request your credit card information, meaning you have no need to worry about an unexpected charge in the future. For more information, call us at 866-847-3590.


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