How do I upload scanned documents to a Patient Chart?


1) Open your Internet Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) to the following location:
2) Hover over "For Customers" and click on “Upload Site” in the Navigation menu.
3) Click on the link: Upload Site Or Open your Internet Browser to the following location:
4) Login with your ICANotes Username and Password
5) You may enter in the Patient’s Name or Unique Number, or click on the “A-Z” URL on the lower right. NOTE: Patient MUST be ACTIVE in ICANotes program
6) Once you locate the correct patient, click on their name to display the ICANotes Uploads page.
7) Click on the “Browse…” button to the right
8) Navigate to the Scanned Document/PDF/CCR/CCD/HL7 you wish to upload located on your computer/network
9) Select an appropriate catagory from the dropdown list
10) Enter a short and accurate description in the field: ”Description:” (Optional)
e.g Labs – PatientName_05-07-2009
11) Ensure you have “allow group to view” checked and click on the “Upload” button
12) BE PATIENT (this can take a few minutes depending on the size of the file and the speed of your Internet connection upload speed.
13) You will then see

This patient has x# files. Click here to view and manage them.

You may upload new files using this form.

Labs - Patient Name_05-07-2009.pdf has been uploaded.

14) If you accidentally upload an incorrect file, you may click on the “This patient has x# files. Click here to view and manage them.”
15) You may then click on the Pencil Icon to edit the Description and Group View option, or you may click on the Trash Can icon to delete the uploaded file.


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