A Q15 Minute Check entry in ICANotes is initiated by a physician order and will run continuously 24×7 until the physician discontinues the order.

Implementing harm reduction is among the administrative tasks used for maintaining a safe unit for psychiatric inpatients. Included in procedures implemented for observing suicidal patients is the practice of 15-minute checks. ICANotes has developed a more efficient method of documenting these 15-minute visual inspections of Q15 patients. This feature enables mental health technicians to use a mobile device (small tablet) to quickly document and log a patient’s appearance, location, and activity at 15-minute intervals.

The technician’s assigned list of patients will refresh every 15 minutes. During each interval, the technician selects the patient being observed and quickly documents the patient’s appearance, location, and activity. Each patient has an individual time log for quick reference.

Note that the default settings in the Q15 Check work area can be modified to customize them for a customer’s environment.