What Are the Most Important Practice Management Features for Behavioral and Mental Health Clinicians?

In today’s healthcare environment, digital storage of records has become standard practice to facilitate the electronic exchange of patient information among healthcare providers. This holds true with respect to behavioral healthcare practices as well. If you are a behavioral or mental health services provider looking to add or upgrade your Electronic Health Records software, it’s important to consider what practice management software features you should be looking for. Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What are the major mental health EHR requirements with respect to software functionality?

There are a few basic things that your mental health practice management software must do. It needs to facilitate quick access to patient data and it must make the jobs of your office staff easier. That means you want your EHR software to manage billing, especially for insurance reimbursement purposes. It should also let you manage appointments, patient communication, and electronic intake for new patients via a patient portal.

What challenges do clinicians face with regard to managing their practice that can be helped with the right behavioral health EHR software?

As a clinician, your main focus is seeing, diagnosing and treating patients. You can’t do that effectively if you are constantly caught up in clerical issues. A great staff helps, but they can only do so much, especially if you have a busy practice. Diagnostic codes and billing can be a job unto itself, and your staff likely have many other tasks to do. Behavioral health EHR programs like ICANotes do most of the heavy lifting so there is less stress on your staff and you can focus on patient care.

What are the most important features behavioral and mental health clinicians need to efficiently and effectively manage their practice?

All of the features mentioned above are particularly indispensable when it comes to treating mental health issues. It is critical that your patients not miss appointments, and EHR software with reliable scheduling and appointment reminder functionality can help make sure this does not happen. Billing and dealing with insurance companies are other areas that can be very challenging when it comes to behavioral health treatment reimbursement. It’s essential to maintain accurate digital records and to process claims quickly. Clinical notes, medication management, and reporting are also all vital features that you will need as part of your EHR software program.

Why choose ICANotes as your practice management and EHR software?

As the most clinically robust behavioral health EHR available, ICANotes has all of the functionality you want and need in an interface that is extremely intuitive and easy-to-use. Our software offers fully electronic patient intake, clinical content templates that allow you to document and bill patient encounters more efficiently, and much more.

If you’d like to see just how ICANotes can make your behavioral and mental health practice more efficient and more profitable with less stress on you and your staff, check out our live demo, get a free trial, or call us at 866-847-3590 to learn more.

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