Features to Look for in a Mental Health EHR Software

If you are like many behavioral healthcare providers, you are already aware of the need to modernize your record-keeping system with the right mental health electronic health records software. What is the right EHR software for your business, though? How do you know what to look for in a mental health EHR? Here are some of the most important mental health EHR features to consider:

  • Billing: One of the most important reasons to get quality mental health EHR software is to streamline your billing operation. Generating superbills can be an extremely time-consuming process, and making sure all insurance claims are filed properly while chasing down collections, keeping track of payments and deposits, and generating accurate statements can have your front office needlessly mired in administrative tasks. A good EHR takes care of all that for you so your staff can handle billing with just a few simple keystrokes and move back on to patient care.
  • Revenue management: The other side of billing is how successful your mental health practice is. Without an accurate way of tracking your costs and profits, its hard to know. A good mental health EHR will not only allow you to take care of patient billing, but will also let you know the financial health of your company.
  • Easy access to patient records: You need a system that allows you to quickly access complete patient records when you need them. It should be secure and protect your patients’ privacy while not slowing down the ability of you or your staff to add or find crucial information like medications or risk factors.
  • Scheduling: Scheduling for mental health practices can be even trickier than scheduling for other healthcare specialties, especially if you work at an inpatient facility. There is group vs. individual scheduling, the issue of available beds and the myriad appointments a mental health patient may need to keep. A valuable mental health EHR has the features to help you easily keep it all straight.

ICANotes Has All the Features You’re Looking for in a Mental Health EHR

ICANotes behavioral records software has all these features and more. We think that once you have tried it, you will agree it is the most clinically robust behavioral health EHR you can find. Our software features an intuitive chart-centric workflow that makes record-keeping user-friendly for your staff, with simple customized point-and-click templates that allow your personnel to add notes and complete documentation quickly, and then move on to the next patient.

This software allows you to move closer toward creating a completely paper-free workplace, with all your data captured by our software electronically, including forms that need signatures. It can manage all your billing issues, from creating superbills, CMS forms and billing statements to submitting insurance claims, creating payment reports and more.

Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself. Contact us for a live demo or a free trial today.

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