Appointment Reminders

ICANotes has partnered with two companies that specialize in appointment reminder services for healthcare providers. Currently, customers export data from the ICANotes Appointment Book and upload it to the partner's site. Under development is the following functionality:

  • Automated selection of appointment data via a preferences screen
  • Automated upload of the appointment file
  • Automated retrieval of the response report file
  • Automatic updating of the appointment status (e.g., confirmed or cancelled) in the ICANotes Appointment Book.

Appointment reminder services can benefit your practice by:

  • Reducing your no-shows.
  • Reducing the cost of making an appointment reminder call in half.
  • Freeing your staff to focus on other office responsibilities.
  • Calling your patients up to ten times a day until the call is answered.
  • Eliminating the need to overbook.

For more information, please contact one of our appointment reminder service partners:

ClientTell will call using your personalized scripts to remind your patients of their appointments. ClientTell has a much better chance of reaching your patients and delivering your message, which in turns lowers your no-shows and increases your bottom-line revenue. In addition, every morning your practice can log in to our website and view a daily report indicating who confirmed or cancelled their appointments. (855) 300-6046 Website
Practice messages are all customized and professionally recorded by a live person so your patients will hear a human voice. All calls display your caller ID so patients will think it originates from your office. Patients have the ability to confirm or cancel their appointments right over the phone. 845-362-6700, ext. 204 Website



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