Flexible Integrated Mental Health Billing Solutions

The ICANotes billing module is HIPAA compliant and can handle all electronic billing needs, both clearinghouse and direct, using an 837 format. Additional features include posting of payments and adjustments, authorizations, claim templates, a procedure code library, and reports to meet your practice management needs.

ICANotes generates a Billing Productivity Report containing all clinical services performed during any range of dates, including daily. This report contains all contact information needed for billing. You can choose to print and submit HCFA 1500 claim forms directly, or claims can be submitted to a clearinghouse, another billing application, or a billing service provider.

ICANotes gives you the flexibility to bill the way you want. You can choose the option which best suits the specific needs of your practice. 

1)  Continue with your existing clearinghouse, billing service, or billing application

If you choose to continue using your current billing system, you can export from the ICANotes Billing Productivity Report and send that to your provider. If you want to send an ANSI 837 file, ICANotes can perform an integration for an additional fee.

2) Use one of our billing partners

You can convert to one of our trusted billing service partners whose solutions are integrated with ICANotes.

Clearinghouse Partners - Not sure what a clearinghouse does? Read this article on the benefits of clearinghouses, how to tell if you need one, and how to select a good one.

I couldn't be happier switching to Navicure's claims clearinghouse solution. Not only does Navicure provide me with outstanding client support, my practice's rejections decreased by 20% since implementing Navicure. And when I do have a rejection, their user-friendly application allows me to easily identify the reason for the rejection, fix it, and re-submit quickly.
Holly Johnson, M.A., LPC, NCC, Fresh Start Counseling Center
  • - Navicure’s leading web-based claims management solution is designed to go beyond the traditional clearinghouse to streamline your primary and secondary claims process, enabling you to collect more money in less time with less effort. Learn More
  • - Electronic claim submissions mean you get your money faster. Up until the second you are paid, MD On-Line provides you with timely reports on the status of your transactions. MD On-Line is industry-proven, and currently serves thousands of doctors. MD On-Line’s flat monthly fee includes toll-free, no-charge technical and customer support for your added peace of mind. Learn More
  •  - Capario helps providers get paid more quickly and more accurately. With CaparioOne, providers can check eligibility in real time, submit and track claims, manage rejections and denials, and take patient payments in the office, online, or over the phone, all from one place with one solution. A powerful reporting suite also helps monitor issues impacting your bottom line.  Learn More

Billing Service Providers

  • - PGM’s technology plus service approach to billing maximizes the reimbursement process and streamlines practice operations. You will see an improvement in day to day collections and cash flow, while gaining increased insight into practice performance. The end result? Enhanced profitability and more time to deliver the highest level of patient care. Learn More
My collections have gone up since I outsourced to PGM. PGM gets me paid for the work I do, which allows me to commit more time to providing patient care. Outsourcing was an easy decision--and the right decision--for my practice."
Jacob Samander, MD
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