Complete Practice Management and EHR System for Psychiatrists

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EHR Built for Psychiatrists

As a psychiatry provider, you need to manage multiple aspects of patient care. Providing the best services possible involves protecting patient information, designing treatment plans and handling prescriptions. Without a comprehensive solution, managing these tasks can become complicated.

We designed ICANotes as an EHR and practice management system for psychiatrists and other mental health professionals. Use one complete system to manage clinical charting, prescribing, scheduling, and billing.

Psychiatry EHR Software

ICANotes has the capabilities you need to document patient information and manage your practice. Features tailored to psychiatrists include:

E-Prescribing Solutions

Add our e-prescribing services for an additional fee to simplify medication management. DrFirst EPCS Gold securely handles prescriptions online and can come with PDMP integrations.

All-in-One Psychiatry Billing Software

Streamline the billing process throughout every step with our medical billing software. Our electronic medical billing solutions work with your existing clearinghouse and our trusted partners. ICANotes automatically codes your notes through our EHR software to make sure you bill to the maximum reimbursable CPT code supported by each note.

Complete EHR for Psychiatrist Charting

With ICANotes, you can manage patient charts and track treatment plan progress through a single system. Assessments and progress notes completed by multiple providers sync with each patient's chart to keep data consistent. ICANotes' documentation features use point-and-click note templates with sophisticated results for psychiatric professionals.

Improving Psychiatric Care Through Our Robust EHR

You can use ICANotes' EHR for psychiatrists to enhance your private practice's standard of care through capabilities such as:

  • Fast implementation: As a web-based software, ICANotes works immediately. Log in to our secure web portal to begin using your new EHR system. We handle software updates remotely to keep ICANotes ready to use when you need it.
  • Detailed documentation: ICANotes' point-and-click templates create individualized narrative notes that capture the details you need. As you write a progress note, you can add more information through typing. Our comprehensive templates and customizable buttons mean that many users only need to add a few words to personalize the note.
  • Powerful practice management solutions: The practice management tools in ICANotes enable you and your team to submit claims, manage schedules and communicate with patients. To use even more ICANotes capabilities, you can add integrations for tasks such as lab results and HIE.

Our EHR has the power and flexibility you need to provide better services than ever before.

Why Do Psychiatrists Prefer ICANotes?

Psychiatrists and other behavioral health professionals choose ICANotes as their EHR for benefits such as:

  • Monthly contracts: We charge by the month to give you a flexible software plan. Our rates depend on the number of users in your practice and their responsibilities.
  • Stage 3 certification: ICANotes' 2015 ONC (Stage 3) certification assists with compliance and incentive qualification. We keep our software certified to the highest level.
  • Mental healthcare industry focus: Our team developed ICANotes to have the document formats, security and features you need as a psychiatry professional.

Customize your ICANotes plan and features to meet your psychiatry practice's needs for better care management.

Learn More About ICANotes

See ICANotes in action by booking a live demo or asking about a free trial. You may also ask us any questions you have through our online contact form.

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