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In today’s health care marketplace, your practice’s digital solutions are as integral to quality patient care as any other tool you employ. They’re also essential to preserving those narrow margins and protecting your bottom line.

And because of this, you probably find yourself considering electronic health records (EHR) software applications but you’re not sure if such a system is right for your business. You don’t have time to read through the ins and outs, so let’s cut to the chase and answer your question simply: Yes, it is.

Benefits of Behavioral Health EHR Solutions

Why? When you adopt an EHR solution, your practice will enjoy each of these benefits:

  1. Going paperless. No bulky paper records to store. EHR frees up space in your office and it’s good for the environment.
  2. Reduced errors. Clear records that are easily accessible anywhere eliminate confusion and mistakes.
  3. Easy participation in quality care programs. Following the guidelines of Meaningful UsePatient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and other like-minded initiatives is easier with an EHR program because it provides electronic prompts to remind you of what data is required at the moment of care.
  4. General ease of use. Establishing an EHR network also provides easier access to applicable clinical data, improves workflow and provides for seamless communication between your practice and affiliated clinics, labs, hospitals and pharmacies.

As you can see, the efficiencies afforded by an EHR software benefit not only your patients but your practice as well, through increased effectiveness and compliance coupled with reduced/eliminated mistakes. However, before you rush out and sign with the first EHR provider you find, it’s important you do your homework.

Not all EHR providers are created equal.

Overcoming EHR Dissatisfaction

While the opportunities EHR software provides are certainly intriguing, successfully capitalizing on those resources depends on you as much as it does your provider.

According to research from the American Medical Association and American EHR Partners, an increasing number of physicians report being “dissatisfied or very dissatisfied” with their current EHR provider, as compared to a similar study done five years before. In fact, according to the data, total satisfaction responses dropped 17 percent, while very satisfied responses dropped 10 percent.

When it comes to the motivation behind these responses, physicians expressed frustration at the system’s inability to improve their efficiency and decrease their workload — specific goals EHRs are designed to accomplish.

Finding the Right EHR Provider for You

So what does this mean for your practice? Do you avoid EHR altogether? In today’s healthcare environment, that really isn’t an option. You need an EHR provider, but the research also shows that you can’t afford to idly make your choice.

ICANotes has been reliably serving healthcare professionals for more than 12 years, and our web-based solution is easily tailored to meet your needs while protecting you from any capital or infrastructure investment and maintenance. Our solution offers same-day implementation, and because minimal training is needed, you’ll be ready to use it almost immediately. And if you ever have a question, we offer unlimited one-on-one training and support.

ICANotes software is ONC-certified, and we constantly keep up with evolving standards such as ICD-10 and HIPAA so you don’t have to. All of this translates to a solution that keeps your practice efficient, profitable and compliant. Visit to learn more about how your practice can begin enjoying the benefits of EHR today.

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