Mental health practices are unique in their patient care offerings, so it makes sense they would seek to work with partners that offer specialized solutions to support the business. Yet in the field of electronic health records (EHR), many mental health practices step away from this rule and settle for a general EHR provider when a specialty-specific EHR is available.

And by doing so, they miss out on several important benefits exclusive to a specialty-specific EHR.

An Understanding of the Practice’s Specific Requirements

The services offered by mental health practices are unique from their conventional medical brethren, and in the healthcare world, that means so too are the requirements they face. Specialty-specific EHR providers understand this and are able to offer solutions that meet the practice’s needs as well as its requirements. They are also able to do this without relying on the provider to implement their own customization, allowing the practice more time to focus on its patients.

2. Reduced Training Time

Instead of melding a general EHR system to meet a mental health practice’s needs, a specialty system has already been designed to do just that. One example is that these systems also include the specific forms a specialty expects instead of forcing the specialty to adapt to a generic form. This results in reduced training time for staff, as they can start with a system designed to work with them immediately.

3. Future Growth and Customization

One of the central benefits of working with a specialty-specific EHR is that the provider remains committed to the mental health industry. This allows practices to offer real, meaningful feedback to the provider, and for that provider to use the feedback to adapt its software to deliver better service in the future. With a general EHR provider, the mental health segment’s voice is one of many it must respond to. For specialty-specific EHR offerings, the specialty’s voice is the only one that matters.

Finding the Right Specialty EHR for Mental Health Practitioners

The care and support mental health practices provide for their patients is unique in the medical field, and they deserve to partner with a specialty-specific EHR that supports their needs and adapts to them, not the other way around. To learn more about specialty-specific EHR solutions available from ICANotes, contact us or request your free trial today.