Love it or hate it, the fax machine is still a vital part of your practice’s business. And that means so are its problems: busy signals, lost transmissions, wasted staff time spent on scanning paper faxes or electronically manipulating e-faxes and, of course, the inherent security risks that come with fax machine use.

Yet for all of its drawbacks, the fax machine cannot be eliminated. In many cases, it remains the only known method of reliable exchange with healthcare providers, and practices that choose to avoid its use stand to lose out. And so you plow ahead, risks and all.

But what if you didn’t have to?

Kno2, now available from ICANotes, is an integrated fax service built to address the challenges and workflows that are unique to the healthcare industry. Kno2 is designed to eliminate workflow disruptions, introduce a greater level of interoperability, and save your team time while setting the standard for electronic patient document exchange.

With Kno2, your practice will be able to take advantage of these features:

* Ability to add clinical fax numbers. Whether you add a new number or transfer your old one, Kno2 makes your transition seamless, eliminating confusion for providers, patients and stakeholders.

* Advanced document handling. Kno2 features web-based tools and allows you to automatically route and manage all incoming faxes for quick review and processing, regardless of file size.

* Patient and document classification. Assigning patient and visit information to every fax is easy. Kno2 also allows you to classify each document based on your EMR through a simple point-and-click option. That saves you and your staff time over manual entry.

* National provider directory access. Registering for Kno2 instantly grants you access to the national provider directory featuring the direct addresses of more than 1 million providers and organizations. Kno2 will also automatically handle the addition of your own practice to this list.

* Full audit to ensure HIPAA compliance. When you use Kno2 you can rest assured your fax transmissions will be HIPAA compliant. HIPAA protects and encrypts all patient information while in transit, and the information is stored within our HIPAA-compliant data centers. Kno2 will also track all releases based on patient, providing you instant audit information whenever you need it.

Your practice can’t afford to abandon the fax machine, but that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate its shortcomings either. By investing in new Kno2 solutions, you can ensure this necessary communication option meets or exceeds all of your practice’s expectations in the months and years ahead.

To learn more about how Kno2 can help your practice, contact us today.