Inpatient Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials for Inpatient Settings



Complete Psychiatric Evaluation (38:05 minutes)


Chemical Dependency Assessment (11:39 minutes) 


Progress Note, Classic (29:10 minutes)


Progress Note, Simplified (9:19 minutes)


Clinical Orders (18:21 minutes)


Medication Reconciliation (7:13 minutes)


Medication Orders Admission (22:50 minutes)


Medication Orders Discharge (6:57 minutes)


MAR Related Workflows (9:04 minutes) 


Discharge Summary (19:02 minutes)


Endorsing Verbal Orders (4:12 minutes)




Medical Doctor

Medical History & Physical Exam (24:36 minutes)

Medical Progress Note (14:32 minutes)

Intake Team

Creating a Chemical Dependency Assessment (12:55 minutes)

Creating a Pre-Admission Assessment (15:52 minutes)


Nursing Initial Assessment (22:00 minutes)

Nursing Progress Note (14:22 minutes)

Nursing Assessments (7-part series):

Seclusion and Restraints - Part 1 (4:30 minutes)

Seclusion and Restraints - Part 2 (3:55 minutes)

Nursing Discharge Summary (12:17 minutes)

Using the MAR (video series)

MAR Training Guide (printable PDF)

Social Worker

Social Worker Initial Assessment (44:43 minutes)

Social Worker Psychotherapy Note (16:55 minutes)

Case Management Note (3:45 minutes)

Psycho-Social Discharge Summary (8:04 minutes)

Group Therapy Note (14:31 minutes)

Recreation/Activity Therapist

Recreation or Activity Therapist Initial Evaluation (10:21 minutes)

Activity Therapy - Group Session Note (9:18 minutes)

Mental Health Technician

Entering Vital Signs into the Psychiatrist's Daily Progress Note (6:16 minutes)

All Disciplines:

General Instruction

Creating a New Chart (4:47 minutes)

Using Logs in ICANotes (5:05 minutes)

Using the Clinical Reminder Sheet (3:57 minutes)

Changing Chart Status from Active to Inactive (3:14 minutes)

Custom Buttons - Part 1 (5:11 minutes)

Custom Buttons - Part 2 (5:40 minutes)

Creating a Form Letter (3:04 minutes)

Sticky Notes on the Chart Face (2:10 minutes)

Making the Initial Evaluation Collaborative (3:58 minutes)

Making a Treatment Plan (30:55 minutes)


  • Moving from paper to electronic records in behavioral health
  • Mental Health Group Therapy Notes
  • Patient Portal for Behavioral Health