ICANotes takes full responsibility for ongoing compliance with all HIPAA regulations. These include the latest technology to prevent unauthorized access to company servers, full encryption of transmitted data, password and user name protection, access logs, alerts, and protection of access points.

For a white paper describing our HIPAA Security Compliance: Policies and Procedures please contact us.

Groups of users with different privileges can be established. For example, clinicians might have full privileges to create, edit, and delete notes while office staff personnel might be able to open and browse through the program without being able to alter or create notes.

Privilege sets are pre-established by ICANotes but are easily modifiable to meet your special needs.

ICANotes Meets HIPAA Security Standards for Electronic Medical Records

HIPAA Requirement

ICANotes Feature

Individual Authentication of Users ICANotes includes username/password protection. Biometric authentication via the use of fingerprint recognition technology can be provided on request.
Access Controls ICANotes is easily set to allow different privileges to different types of users. For example, a medical records staff person could easily be assigned privileges to browse and print records, but not to create or alter records. Privileges for other groups are similarly easy to set or change.
Audit Trails ICANotes keeps a log of the date, time, and identity of every person who logs onto the program. A separate log is kept of which patient notes were accessed, when, and by whom.
Protection of Remote Access Points In addition to fingerprint and/or username/password authentication at each workstation, ICANotes automatically drops the workstation computer from the network and/or logs off the program after a period of idle time.
Access Establishment and Modifications Users with appropriate privileges are able to create and remove users, edit user information, and set or reset passwords.
Alarm and Event Reporting If the wrong password is entered three times in a row, ICANotes prevents further attempts for 5 minutes and reports the event to the system administrator.
Privacy of Psychotherapy Notes ICANotes permits the recording of separate notes that can be password protected. These notes do not become part of the official record.
Prevention of Alteration or Destruction of the Electronic Record ICANotes provides digital electronic signature and locking of the electronic record.
Encryption ICANotes transmits and receives data that is encrypted with a 128-bit key.


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