Document Management

ICANotes enables you to eliminate paper records, transcriptions, filing, faxes, shredding, and file storage. With ICANotes, you upload scanned images of paper documents and attach them to the patient’s chart. Many file types are supported: TIF, GIF, JPG, BMP, PDF, PNG, PDF, etc. These images can be securely shared by office staff at one or multiple locations. Information can be easily accessed when needed…no more hunting through files to find them.

The ICANotes document management module enables your practice to achieve these additional benefits through electronic chart and file management:

  • Fast, easy access to a consolidated patient record
  • Secure concurrent access across multiple, remote users
  • Significantly reduced storage space requirements
  • Elimination of lost or misplaced documents, paper files, and records
  • Moving from paper to electronic records in behavioral health
  • Mental Health Group Therapy Notes
  • Patient Portal for Behavioral Health