Medical billing codes are an integral part of your business, but the coding process you use can determine whether it's a needlessly wasteful and time-consuming part of your business. The real question is how do you know if your coding practices are as efficient as they can be?

To answer that takes some expert assistance and just as your patients come to your practice seeking your expert help, the following is a list of expert resources you can use to optimize your medical billing code procedures. As you review this list, we encourage you to check out all of them. Getting a second opinion, and even a third, is always recommended.

Resources Available Through the AMA

The American Medical Association (AMA) has a wide array of medical billing code resources available including:

  • CPT Code/Relative Value Search. Offering 12 free searches after you complete this form, the relative value search is a no-cost solution to get the ball rolling. And to easily import codes, don’t forget to request a license.
  • CPT Professional Edition. Ensure you’re coding things properly with the official guidelines found in CPT Professional Edition. Once again, this option also provides you with easy code transferring capabilities by requesting a license.

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)

The AAPC website is a terrific resource for all things medical billing and coding. Visit the site’s resource page and you’ll find links to:

  • Blog articles discussing the most important issues in medical billing and coding.
  • A catalog of the top publications in the industry to reward your more thorough search.
  • Discussion forums where you can have your questions answered quickly and in real time.
  • ICD-10 codes guides providing everything you need to know to make your implementation a success.

Researching Technology Solutions

In both our work and our personal lives, the solution to many problems these days is digital, so it should come as no surprise that many of the struggles we face with medical billing codes can now be handled through technology.

ICANotes, for example, offers the most robust EHR software on the market. This software can simplify your coding challenges and also ensure you’re not losing revenue due to improper coding.

With ICANotes, psychiatric progress notes can be completed in just two minutes and psychotherapy notes in just three minutes. And that means there's more time for you and your team to spend on other initiatives to support your business and your patients.

To make your medical billing codes process a more efficient and less costly part of your business, please contact our team or request your free trial today.