No matter what field you’re in, there is a rung you strive for, one that proves you are among the best in your industry and have been recognized by your peers for the tireless effort you put into providing value every single day. In the Mental Health EMR space, this rung is known as the FrontRunners Quadrant.

What is the FrontRunners Quadrant?

The FrontRunners Quadrant recognizes the truly outstanding software products produced specifically for businesses across the United States. In the mental health field, more than 150 Electronic Medical Record (EMR) products were reviewed and scored based on reviews by users and product performance details including features, customer usage examples, etc. Those with top scores made the quadrant.

We’re proud to announce that ICANotes is among this group.

Our place in the quadrant

The FrontRunners Quadrant is divided into four sub-quadrants. There is no hierarchy within the quadrants, as companies placed in each are recognized for providing top-end value in their specific subset. The four sub-quadrants are:

  • Leaders (upper right): Those featuring products offering a wide array of functionality to a broad customer base while being deemed highly valuable.
  • Masters (upper left): Products in this category focus more heavily on particular segments than the all-encompassing Leaders. This makes them a solid choice for companies looking for targeted functionality.
  • Pacesetters (lower right): Pacesetters offer a wide array of quality features but may have a higher cost associated with them.
  • Contenders (lower left): Like their cousins the Masters, Contenders are more finely focused on one targeted set of capabilities, but this focus often comes at a higher price point. For companies willing to pay more to ensure they get software that satisfies their specific needs, a Contender is a quality option.

You can learn more about the full FrontRunners methodology here.

ICANotes was recognized as a Contender, meaning we offer a strong set of capabilities to our specific customer base. And we would have it no other way. Our goal is to provide you with a software solution that meets your specific needs. We’re committed to your practice and we’re overjoyed to be recognized by FrontRunners for the work we do to support your operations.

Learning more

To learn more about the FrontRunners Quadrant and the options available to your practice, you can download the full Mental Health EMR FrontRunners Report. To learn more about how ICANotes can support your specialized behavioral health EHR needs, contact us today.

The content for the FrontRunners quadrant is derived from actual end-user reviews and ratings as well as vendor-supplied and publicly available product and company information that gets applied against a documented methodology; the results neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Gartner or any of its affiliates.