Will ICANotes work on my mobile device?

Yes, ICANotes will work with almost any mobile device. 

Windows RT customers should click HERE.

Access ICANotes from an Android or iOS (Apple) mobile device by performing the steps below:

1) Download AccessToGo Remote Desktop from the Google Play Store (Android) or the iTunes store (iOS) from your mobile device.
2) Once it’s been downloaded, launch the AccessToGo app from your device.
3) Click on + to create a new connection. Then click on RDP (Free Client).
4) Fill in the following information as described below ("username" if your ICANotes username, for password, enter your standard ICANotes password):

Connection Name: ICANotes
Server: internet.icanotes.com
Username: INTERNET\username
Password: **********
Click “OK”
5) You should see a new icon with your Connection Name. Click on it. 
6) You are connected and should get the blue Welcome Screen where you can click OK to access ICANotes. 
7) To exit out of ICANotes, you should always use the LOG OFF button in the ICANotes Chart Room. In an emergency, you can touch the three-bar icon on the toolboar at the bottom. Click on Exit to log off the program & then OK.
NOTE: If you need to edit any of the Connection info, just hold your finger on top of the "ICANotes" connection icon, then click on the Edit Pencil icon that pops up.
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