Sandy Crowley

Director of Marketing

LinkedIn Profile

Sandy was raised in Laguna Hills, California. She went to Stanford University where she majored in communication. Sandy began using her first computer, an Apple II, at the age of 12 and by age 15 was using her computer skills professionally. She was voted “most likely to succeed” in high school and “most likely to stay up all night typing your paper, baking you a cake, and driving you to Fresno” in her college dorm.

An avid reader, Sandy has a lifetime love of learning and embraced the potential of the internet early on. She created and operated her own e-commerce website in the early 1990’s. As someone with a fairly unique balance of left and right brain capabilities, she enjoys tackling new challenges that require both creative and analytical thinking. Consequently, her career path has included a diverse range of experiences and given her the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of business operations. She is highly process-oriented and focused on continuous improvement.

Sandy has a versatile background in marketing and is passionate about using online strategies and social media to achieve marketing objectives. She recently joined ICANotes from a non-profit agency that provided mental health services to traumatized children and their families. Sandy is looking forward to helping more clinicians discover how ICANotes can help address their business challenges.

Sandy lives in Crownsville, MD with her daughter, and her three dogs. In her spare time, Sandy enjoys playing Boggle (online of course), tennis, skating with her LandRollers, cooking, and wine tasting. She is currently learning the crafts of silk painting and stained glass.

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