How do I print an entire patient chart


1) Open the patient chart to be printed.

2) Go to the “Reports” menu
3) Select “Billing/Productivity Report”
4) Set the Date Range (from admission until D/C or present)
5) Clear the Provider field of any clinicians
6) Set your Note Types and whether to include unsigned notes.
7) Click on “Generate Report (Columns)”
8) Click on “Print these notes” at the top of the screen.

This will print everything but the demographics page which can be done by opening the demographics page of the patient chart and clicking “Print Patient Demographics”

****NOTE: Unless a paper print out is REQUIRED, it is best to print to a PDF writer such as bullzip to save the cost of ink, paper, power, save trees and avoid paper cuts, after all that is part of the reason for Electronic Health Records (EHR)


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