Don Morgenstern

Founding Partner and CEO

LinkedIn Profile

Don was raised in Rahway, New Jersey in a house with a small family business (a Medical Laboratory) attached.  He started his first business (a Marina Snack Bar) at 16. Don went to Ohio State University and got an MBA at Long Island University. He then started his second business; The Library Sign Company, which provided signs to libraries across the United States.

Don joined ICANotes when it seemed to have as many bugs as buttons, and his valiant service as business manager, flak catcher, and unpaid employee was instrumental in getting the company going.

It was Don's insight that ICANotes is a customer service company first and software second. Also, he has an unrivaled talent for finding talented people and for insisting on unending improvement in programming, technology, reliability and, of course, customer service.

Don is married, has two grown children, is a Master Gardener and has an extremely small carbon footprint due to his interest in geothermal, solar voltaic, and other renewable energy technologies and products. He lives in Annapolis, Maryland.

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