About Us

Conceived by a clinical psychiatrist 15 years ago, ICANotes has evolved into a comprehensive electronic healthcare records solution for psychiatry and behavioral health professionals. ICANotes is the only EHR software that actually thinks like a clinician. Charting is done with no typing or transcribing, and notes automatically self-code at the maximum level of reimbursement. ICANotes is clinician-centric and infinitely scalable, reliably meeting the needs of solo practitioners, group practices, hospitals, and large agencies. We continually improve the ICANotes product to meet the needs of each user through our personalized and proactive support model. As a result, we maintain a consistently high level of clinician satisfaction.

This is how our customers describe us in 5 words or less:

User friendly, fast, supported & simple.
Best of breed product.
Best software for psychiatrists.
Tailored to mental health needs.
Great quality, personal service.
Relevant, time-saving, adaptable to psychiatry.
An answer to a prayer.
Clinically useful, friendly staff.
Computerized notes that don't look computerized.
Intuitive, easy, user friendly & professional.
Convenient, concise, clever, cool.
Comprehensive, professional, fun, stunning support.
Iconic, innovative, secure, legally-sound.
Helpful, individualized, generally timesaving.
Comprehensive, fast, economical, user-friendly.
EHR that works for solo provider.
Best thing since sliced bread!
Ever improving electronic record product.
The best EMR software ever.
An affordable high-quality EMR.
Streamlined, efficient, time-saving, hassle-free.
Clinically sound, helpful and easy to use.

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  • Mental Health Group Therapy Notes
  • Patient Portal for Behavioral Health