Flexible Calendar for practices of any size

ICANotes features a user friendly patient scheduling solution which allows you and your staff to manage appointments efficiently, whether you are a multiple or single practitioner facility.

The ICANotes electronic Appointment Book allows the front desk to indicate when a patient has arrived. The clinician can go right from the Appointment Book to the patient’s chart. An appointment history for the patient which lists canceled appointments and no-shows is easily created. Groups can be scheduled as can block out and availability times.

With the click of your mouse, scheduling and managing appointments is easy, fast, and effective for all staff. The Appointment Book also allows you to view multiple clinicians on one screen to compare calendars and reschedule appointments quickly.

Features of the ICANotes Appointment Book include:

  • Set office hours, assign providers custom colors and easily print the day’s appointments
  • Customizable appointment types
  • Color coding which shows the various stages of the appointment
  • Multiple provider scheduling
  • Day/Week/Month views
  • No-show tracking
  • Block provider vacation schedules
  • Moving from paper to electronic records in behavioral health
  • Mental Health Group Therapy Notes
  • Patient Portal for Behavioral Health