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ICANotes customers share their success stories and case studies. Check this page often to view new video, print, and audio stories from our customers.

Dr. Jose Garcia, Psychiatry and Aerospace Medicine, Laredo Mental Health

Dr. Garcia has been practicing psychiatry for 52 years. He began using ICANotes in 2009 and has found it to be a "godsend." In this video story, he explains how using ICANotes to document his psychiatric consultations has made him more efficient and improved the quality of his reports.

He says, “my handwriting is almost impossible to read so having documents that are complete, well detailed, and that include all of the parameters that are necessary to convey the needs of the patient is something that I have always wished that I had had since the beginning. It would have made my life a lot easier.”

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Carl Stephens, LPC, Home-Based Medicaid Services Provider

Carl Stephens, LCPC, a home-based Medicaid services provider in Maryland, describes how ICANotes Behavioral Health EHR improved the quality of his clinical documentation while boosting his productivity. During his Medicaid audit, the auditors informed him that he had the most complete clinical documentation of anybody they had audited in the state.


Jeffrey Hamilton, DMin, LCSW, Pastoral Counselor

Jeffrey Hamilton, Pastoral Counselor, discusses how ICANotes Behavioral Health EHR helps helps him quickly create comprehensive progress notes with minimal typing. The software allows him to augment his clinical work with the faith issues that are part of his client's care plan. He has been able to easily customize the system to incorporate Paul Pruyser's criteria for spiritual diagnosis.

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