ICANotes maintains a high level of clinician satisfaction. We believe that delivering superior customer service is just as important as delivering a quality product. As a result, not only do we listen and respond to feedback from our customers, we periodically encourage it through surveys and online user group discussions. Here are a few recent comments from clinicians using ICANotes. Also click on the buttons to the left for customer reviews and ratings of ICANotes EHR software.

I am absolutely loving ICANotes! I get to spend more time making eye contact with my patients and less time documenting, producing far superior notes to our previous system, and since I under-coded with the old system and now code visits appropriately, the Center reaps the benefits of an extra $300 per day in billing for the services I provide.

Warren Charleston, MD
Spindletop Center, Beaumont, TX

I have been using ICANotes for over a decade and would highly recommend this EHR. I began using ICANotes in its infancy and have watched it grow over the years. I am amazed at the value of this system which is constantly being revised and improved. I am able to do notes and treatment plans, bill clients, save demographics, send myself reminders, and many other tasks. For a solo therapist in private practice it is truly an amazing product. The best part is the cost and the wonderful support team.

Bill Murphy, Marriage & Family Therapist
Valley Psychological Group, Bakersfield, CA

Keep on the track you are on; this is a good, solid business that offers excellent support. Never a negative experience; even the most doubting staff are sold on the product.

Jim Mallinson
NCSAPPB Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist and NAADAC certified Master Addiction Counselor,
Carolina Counseling Services, Salisbury, NC

You seem to be on top of all of our needs. Great working relationship. The best EMR program around.

Carla Fagernes
Emanuel Martinez MD & Associates, St. Augustine, FL

I LOVE the program! I would purchase it a thousand times. I have been in the field for over 18 years and it would take me at least 10-15 minutes per note. Now it truly takes me 5 minutes per note. You click a bunch of buttons and the note is written for you. All I have to do is type in a couple of sentences to complete my note. It is possible to bring an iPad or laptop in with you to your session to do your notes but I usually just wait until I'm done. They are very helpful and prompt. It is very easy to use and you can do so much with the program. It actually improved my notes and my workflow. I also have some interns and what I love is that I don't have to pay my interns to chart for hours. Even my newest interns with no experience with documentation can complete great notes in 5 minutes.

Irene Little, MS, LCDC, ICADC, ADC

Director, Access Counseling Group, Inc., Plano, TX

Thank you, ICANotes team! I was audited yesterday by Maryland Medicaid office of compliance. They rated my documentation as "outstanding." They were particularly impressed with the thoroughness of my assessment, with the quality of information in my progress notes, and with my treatment plan containing reachable, objective, and measurable goals. I used to spend two or more hours per day on clinical documentation. A previous audit identified a number of errors in my manual documentation. Since switching to ICANotes, I typically spend less than 30 minutes per day on clinical documentation, which frees me up to generate at least two additional billable sessions per day. From a business perspective, my monthly subscription fee for ICANotes is one of the best investments I make in order to maximize my earnings. The auditors found no documentation errors in this audit. What a relief to have auditors be so impressed with the quality and completeness of my clinical documentation. I really do not have to concern myself over future audits.

Carl Stephens, LCPC, Stephens Counseling, Myersville, MD

The ICANotes program has saved us a full time equivalent psychiatrist. It's been terrific.

Alan Clark, M.D., Southwood Psychiatric Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA

I do really like the program--it is my third one in 4 years and the best I have had. The others don't begin to compare. It is great, you are open to feedback, available for help and it is worth every dime!

Kara Heugly, LPC
Kara Heugly Counseling, Price, UT

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