How will Meaningful Use and MACRA change for 2017?

In the healthcare world, the only constant is change. As a new year begins and a new administration takes over the presidency, 2017 promises to have plenty of change in healthcare.
At the outset of the year, however, providers are more focused on alterations to existing legislation, and some of the largest questions surround the MACRA Rule and its effect on Meaningful Use for 2017. Here are some notable factors affecting both Meaningful Use and MACRA.
Reporting abilities in 2017
No matter where you were in your Meaningful Use reporting last year, you will have the option to report Modified Stage 2 or Stage 3 this year. If you choose to report Stage 2 you will be responsible for reporting the entire year’s data. On the other hand, if you opt to report Stage 3, only 90 days' worth of data is necessary — a reward for undertaking this advanced reporting.
Successful Stage 3 reporting places a heavy burden on your EHR network. If your EHR reporting solution is unable to provide the tracking or reporting data required under the new Meaningful Use policy, you will have no choice but to report at Modified Stage 2.
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Don’t forget MACRA
Like Meaningful Use, entrance in the MACRA program will get progressively more difficult as 2017 wears on. MACRA also offers a couple of different reporting options. You can either satisfy MACRA through the merit-based MIPS option or through the more advanced choice of APM. The latter choice will place additional requirements on your EHR to track and show improved patient outcomes.
The clock is ticking
If you have not reported all of your 2016 Meaningful Use data already, you are running out of time. Medicare attestations must be completed before noon on February 28. This noon deadline is Eastern Standard Time as well, putting an increased impetus on west coast providers to complete their submission before the deadline.
Choices for 2017 depend heavily on your EHR
As 2017 moves on, the new policies for Meaningful Use and MACRA bear important similarities. Both programs offer providers simple and complex options, both reward providers who jump into the programs early, and both place heavy expectations on the efficiency of a provider’s EHR operation. If you’re unsure your EHR solutions are ready for the year ahead, contact ICANotes today. Our team of dedicated professionals can help you flush out your EHR program strategy and solve for the opportunities that await throughout 2017.
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