Preparing for ICD-10

In our July 24 release, ICD-10 codes relating to mental health will now be available on the Diagnosis pop-up (in addition to DSM 5 and DSM IV). Although you cannot use an ICD-10 code on a claim until October 1, we want everyone to have time to familiarize themselves with the new codes.

For the behavioral health specialty, the transition to ICD-10 will be easier than for most specialties as DSM-5 diagnosis codes include corresponding ICD-10 codes in parentheses. Therefore, In addition to adding the new section of ICD-10 codes, ICANotes is looking into enabling the automatic conversion of a DSM-5 code to the corresponding ICD-10 code when the associated code is available. More information about that functionality will be made available in our September 25 release.

More information about the behavioral health transition to ICD-10 can be found on the American Psychiatric Association’s website:

Note that CMS recently announced that for the first year of ICD-10 implementation, claims will not be denied based solely on the specificity of the ICD-10 code chosen. The claim just has to contain a valid ICD-10 code from the “right family” of codes related to the service provided. Click here for full details on the CMS policy announcement.

This is what the diagnosis popover screen will look like in ICANotes beginning on July 25:

Clinicians should, however, educate themselves on the ICD-10 coding structure, as there are many more relevant codes available in ICD-10 than those which have a corresponding DSM-5 code. Here are some helpful resources:

The Clinician's Toolbox - offers a free 4-page overview highlighting the key facts mental health professionals need to know about ICD-10 versus DSM-5. Also available for a nominal fee is a laminated 12-page spiralbound reference guide which lists all the F codes, almost all of the Z codes, some R, T and other codes as well as the codes offered in the DSM-5. It uses color and formatting to make this giant listing more user-friendly.

ICD-10 Crosswalk - Using this helpful online conversion tool, you can type in the diagnosis code you are accustomed to using, and the corresponding ICD-10 code(s) will be provided. 

ICD-10 Training for Behavioral Health - this 60-minute webinar recording covers everything you need to know about selecting the proper ICD-10 code for your documentation. 

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