5 Simple Steps to Eliminate Faxing

Watch this Video: 5 Simple Steps to Fax Replacement

Besides being a huge risk for breach of patient information, fax is a very inefficient way to exchange clinical documentation – and a really expensive one. Every fax costs you an average of $2.50 to process (software, hardware, paper, ink, and staff time). Do some simple math and you can see how this gets quickly out of control.

But fax is everywhere, right? Until now, there has been no viable alternative. Now with Kno2, there is an easy to use, affordable, cloud-based alternative to fax. With Kno2 and an easy 5-step process  you can transform incoming and outgoing faxes into healthcare-approved, secure Direct messages and finally get fax out of your practice forever.

Step 1: Register and replace each fax number with Direct address

Direct addresses are kind of like email addresses, but they are very secure and most importantly they are approved for healthcare. When you register, your practice is added to the National Direct Address Book where other providers can easily find you for valuable referrals and transitions of care, two of your best sources for revenue and growth.

Step 2: Identify the top 5 fax numbers you send to and receive from on a daily basis

Step 3: Send a Kno2 email invite with your Direct address to a primary contact at each of the organizations associated with each of the 5 fax numbers you identified in Step 2. The invite allows the organization to sign up for Kno2 at little or no charge and then replace all of their fax numbers with Direct addresses which they send back to you.

Step 4: Instead of using fax numbers for exchanging clinical documents, send and receive Kno2 Direct messages with each organization that signs up. There may even be situations where Direct messaging is already being used, like with an EMR at the local hospital.

Step 5: Simply repeat steps 1 through 4 until you no longer receive any faxes!

Your simple lead-by-example actions will quickly drive out fax across your local healthcare community.

For more information, visit the Kno2 website.

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