Hardware Suggestions

Any device that has an available RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client can connect to ICANotes. Any Windows or Windows Mobile device comes with RDP included, and most other mobile devices have the Microsoft Remote Desktop application available for installation. 

A built-in wired network port is recommended for security, reliability, and connection performance. Although a wireless connection may work, the connection reliability makes wireless less than optimal for customers wishing to maximize system speed and reliability of screen updates. That being said, a 3G or 4G connection can work, depending on your productivity expectations.

Physical keyboards are advised as on-screen keyboards are prone to taking up large amounts of screen real estate and making for a less effective ICANotes session.

Screen size is important and should be capable of a screen resolution of at least 1024x768. Desktops, laptops/ultrabooks, and larger tablets should meet this requirement.

The operating system should be a professional grade such as Windows 7/8 Professional and not a home version.

Performance related to CPU, RAM, and hard drive capabilities should be determined based on what other tasks the device will be used for, though an SSD (Solid State Drive) does provide a level of performance and reliability that is better suited for portable devices.

Since ICANotes can run on almost any device, we recommend using a trial account to connect from a device you are considering. Try logging in, navigating to various screens, creating a sample note, and printing it. Performing these actions will help you determine whether the device will meet your needs and enable you to use ICANotes productively.

If you are considering a tablet, you should also consider a touchscreen laptop, touchscreen ultrabook, or touchscreen 2-in-1 PC as an alternative that can enhance your productivity while providing portability.

For scanning documents into patient charts, we suggest you consider a mid-range sheet-fed scanner. The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 works for PCs and Macs and has solid user reviews.




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